Stories about what goes on inside my therapy emdr &  inner child work

Q&A | A Poem about this section

Why would you want to uncover this pain?

Because I don't want to take them to my grave.

Why would you want to share it with me?

Because I would like for the world to see.

That therapy is beneficial for you and for me.


From the beginning | A poem on how to use this section

Scroll to the bottom.

See a thumb pointing down.

A look of disappointment.

An unhappy frown.

From here you can journey.

Into my sessions.

Where I hope you can learn .

Some valuable lessons.


Once you are FINISHED | A poem of return

Once you are finished

If you want to continue

at the bottom of the post.

will be a green little window.

with a simple little click

you'll be transported here

where all of my therapy sessions appear.