The DIY CREATIVE ART THERAPY that I do from home without a therapist

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Art RX | A Poem about this section

Art medication is 100% free

No need for a therapist

Don't you see?

You can choose to share it

Or place it under lock and key

The art in your mind can set you free.



My drawings


MY Metalworking / Jewelry


The bully inside

Thank you for protecting me from those who tried.

Their words like feathers compared to your knives.

You feed off the pain I’ve kept inside.

What happens when your food subsides?

You see bully inside me, I’m done holding in.

Emotional monsters that eat from within.

I’m freeing myself through shedding light.

Into the darkness that helps you fight.

So hide while you can, it won’t last long.

For I am becoming emotionally strong.