OMG zoloft withdrawals gave me crazy nightmare drug dreams

OMG zoloft withdrawals gave me crazy nightmare drug dreams



Drug withdrawal zoloft hotel nightmare dream

I am not really into deciphering dreams even though I love having them.  I want to share this is a dream turned nightmare because it has some really strong emotions attached to it.   

This was a dream I had while on Zoloft.  It may be a withdrawal-induced dream but I can't quite remember if it was during one of the times I went cold turkey off my meds or not. 

I will be writing more about some of the effects I have experienced while going cold turkey off antidepressants in the future so if you see a hyperlink then I have more stories. 


by Adam Coleman

** Bold Italic = Thoughts or feeling as I am writing this.

In a hotel

The hotel was bustling with a steady stream of guests coming, going, and partaking in normal hotel activities.

This dream has a very cinematic feel to it

If someone had asked what room I was in I would have told them, ” My hotel room is on the 2nd floor on the left main hallway 2 doors down on the left ”.

Somewhere, in the hotel, I meet this gorgeous girl with long curly blonde hair, nice eyes, and slender with gothic style mascara.  She seems familiar.

**Days go by with many intimate moments I can't quite remember 

There is lots of laughter and spending time with each other in my hotel room.

I feel a connection I have never felt with anyone.  


**This feeling feels as though it is coming from the pit of my stomach.

I am walking through the hallways of the hotel.  It has an upscale feeling.  Perhaps, it is a privately owned hotel 100+ year-old hotel in downtown insert whatever big city you like here; My favorite kind.

I seem to be walking by the same people over and over again.  Some of these hallway walkers appeared to be hookers judging from their choice of clothing and makeup.  Others appear to be hotel staff, others, had business and uniformed jobs like lawyers, police officers, etc.   Everyone is passing me by like I am invisible.  I hear people talking about a murderer roaming the hallways.

The missing girl

Extreme sadness sweeps over me.  She is gone, and I have to find her.

I take the elevator down searching floor by floor for the missing girl.  With every floor comes the familiar hallway walkers.   I see her features in the faces of the ladies that pass me by.  As I go down each floor, subtle changes begin to emerge on the faces of some of these people and of the hallways themselves.  

People are talking more and more about the murderer in the area and a suspicion starts building in my mind but I force it out.

 Women started acting in ways that I can only describe as strange.

  Some had a deceitful aura around them, others looked normal and every once in awhile I would see a woman who looked like she was on her deathbed.

Some of the ladies had makeup that was completely smudged all over their faces. 

The layouts of each floor are supposed to be the same, but each floor is different now.  I have to get back to my own room.

Back on my own floor

The second floor is completely unrecognizable and looks more like a hotel in silent hill rather than the nice 4-star hotel.  

Everyone on this floor is acting extremely strange.  

Everyone seems out to get me.  Someone throws the dead body of the girl at me.  

She was like a grey slumping mass with a skeleton that acted like it had been soaking in vinegar for days.   

** WTF I forgot about this part.

As I approached my room I came to a construction zone with a brand new wall in between myself and my hotel room.

Pure rage

An unfamiliar emotion sweeps through my veins.  My blood is boiling, anger so strong I am unable to put it into words.    

** Holy shit I am feeling some sort of emotional response writing this.  My heart rate feels like it is increasing.  WOW, totally unexpected.

I smash through the sheetrock like a pissed off Mr. Koolaid man.  

The anger is gone, but so is my sanity.  

Before  two hallways ran down the length of the building with no access to each other.  Now there was a hallway perpendicular connecting the two, which was pointed out to me by a construction worker on this side eluding to the fact that I could have just went around.

The murderer

I am in a different building inside a nice restaurant.  I don't know how I know, but I see the murderer . In a full restaurant I confront him.  We fight.  I grab a steak knife and stab him in the neck.   

He is dead.

Panic inside the restaurant.  I run outside as crowds of people run inside to see going on.  

I am hiding behind a stone wall with vivid green grass and crisp autumn leaves.

I am back in the original hotel, but it is completely unrecognizable.  It seems more like night time indoors.

I come across the murderer and kill him multiple times.  

Back in my hotel room

I finally make it back to my room but I no longer have my keys.  I go search the floor for someone from the other reality.   I am on the ground floor standing by a window.  

A familiar faced teenage person is trying to get my attention outside.  

He gives me my key and I go to my room. 

I open the door and there is the murderer again.  

He is wearing a black ski mask.  

I grab him by the head and start smashing his head against the floor, but as I do a memory pops into my mind.   Small details of the series of events that brought me to this point begin to reveal the truth.   Things I thought were strange but couldn't explain.   In that moment I realize I am bashing my own head against the floor.  

No one else in the room.  

I no longer know what reality is.

Nothing makes sense.

I now know I am dreaming, but I am unable to wake myself up.

Everything is repeating with slight hellish differences that cannot even be put to words.

Pure terror is felt when I realize this.  It feels like it has been years maybe an eternity.

What is eternity with no sense of time?  

Will this stop?

Is this an endless nightmare loop?

I am suddenly in my small home town  helping my mom unload a box truck with a bunch of people.  

It seems as though we are either moving in or moving out.  

I can still remember smashing my own head in, and now I am here completely confused.   I hear people the group of people around me mumbling something.   I hear someone whisper to someone else.  " He doesn't know does he? "  More mumbling, more whispers

The realization comes to me and I ask my mom.

Am I dead”?  Without looking at me she answers.

Yes...........I wake up.

PTSD Depression zoloft nightmare drug withdrawal story
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