Using weighted blankets to battle anxiety, insomnia, PTSD & depression

Using weighted blankets to battle anxiety, insomnia, PTSD & depression

Using weighted blankets to battle anxiety, insomnia, PTSD & depression

Welcome fellow traveler. Today, I will be discussing my experience using weighted blanket to help with my PTSD, anxiety & insomnia.

As a combat wounded military veteran that disarmed roadside IEDs, I have developed some pretty bad PTSD based anxiety along with depression stemming from my childhood.

Recently, I took an incredibly stressful job working as an underwater ROV pilot supporting the oil and gas industry’s drilling operations in the Gulf of Mexico.

Normally, I sleep in a hammock, but unfortunately for me, I couldn’t bring my it with me so I was stuck sleeping on the ship’s beds which are incredibly uncomfortable.

The stress of the job and the poor conditions of the beds were really affecting my quality of sleep so I decided to give weighted blankets a shot.

In this article, I will be going over some of the questions that I had when I was looking to purchase my blanket, as well as some added questions I wish I would have thought about.

Let’s get started shall we?

Who should NOT use weighted blankets?

Most adults are perfectly safe using a weighted blanket, but if you have any of these issues, I would suggest speaking to your doctor prior to using a weighted blanket.

  • sleep apnea

  • certain other sleep disorders

  • respiratory problems or other chronic medical conditions.

On another note, there have been at least one recorded death of a child due to a weighted blanket so make sure to do as much research as possible prior to making a decision.

Now that we got that out of the way, let’s move on.

How heavy should my weighted blanket be?

The most common question when it comes to a weighted blanket is how how much weight do I need? The calculation is simple:

Take your body weight, divided by 10 and add two pounds.

Weighted blanket brands on Amazon

Luna therapeutic blankets

Zonli adult weighted blankets

YNM feels like a hug blankets

Other things to consider when purchasing your first weighted blanket

Choosing the right size of weighted blanket for your bed

When choosing the right weighted blanket, it is important to choose the right size for your bed.

If your blanket hangs over the edge of the bed, it may be pulled off the edge of the bed by it’s own weight.

Weight distribution

High end weighted blankets are going to be your best bet when it comes to having the filler properly distributed across your body while you are sleeping.

Some of the lower end blankets have voids where the filler will pool around you, defeating the purpose of the weighted blanket.

Weighted blankets with high customer reviews


With therapeutic blankets, durability is especially important.

You don’t want to have a weighted blanket that comes apart at the seams spilling a whole bunch of filler into your bed.

It can make a mess, and render that section of the weighted blanket useless.

Temperature & weighted blankets

When it comes to sleep, there is nothing worse than being too hot or cold. Weighted blankets tend to keep you hot.

If you are like me, and cannot stand being hot, it’s important to find a weighted blanket such as to the Degrees of Comfort CoolMax weighted blanket.

Weighted blankets for flying

If you are one of the many people that get anxious at the thought of flying, this travel sized weighted lap blanket may help ease your flight anxiety.

There one in particular is touted by the manufacturer as being a travel sized, and it looks much more manageable compared to a full size blanket.

Can you bring your weighted blanket through airport security?

I have personally brought my 25lb weighted blanket in my carry on backpack on multiple occasions.

I assure you that you are not the first, nor will you be the last person to take a weighted blanket with you on the plane.

Expect your bags to be searched.

Having a background in explosives and x-ray interpretation of explosive devices, I guarantee any time the TSA x-rays a weighted blanket in luggage they are going to want to investigate it.

The weighted beads inside look highly suspicious, similar to fertilizer prills similar to some homemade explosives.

The TSA agents will remove the gravity blanket and inspect the blanket to make sure that it has not been tampered with.

What is inside of a weighted blanket?

Weighted blankets get their weight from some type of filler.

Here are the three most common types of filler used in commercial anti anxiety blankets.

Another options out there for DIY weighted blankets is rice.

Glass bead filler

Plastic bead filler

Ceramic beads

Can I make my own weighted blanket?

Creativity is another great way to battle depression and anxiety. If you are the creative type, and want to look into building your own weighted blanket.

Check out youtube and Pinterest for all of your DIY weighted blanket needs.

Does brand matter when purchasing an anxiety blanket?

When it comes to choosing a therapeutic blanket, it certainly wouldn’t hurt to try out one of the cheaper less recognized brand name blankets just to see if you are going to get relieve from your PTSD, anxiety or insomnia.

If the cheap one doesn’t work, then chances are, one of the really nice, expensive weighted blankets probably won’t work either.

That being said, even the cheaper therapeutic blankets aren’t that much cheaper, so it may be worth paying the extra money to get a brand name weighted blanket.

Especially since the better brand name blankets are going to have much better customer service.

Do they have weighted anxiety blankets for dogs?

This questions popped into my head as I was doing my research for this article, and it turns out that there are indeed weighted blankets that you can cover your animals with.

Another options for anxious animals are called thundershirts.

I have personal experience using thundershirts on my own pets, and I highly recommend them.

Weighted blankets for dogs


Weighted blanket testimonials and reviews

I have been looking for a good quality weighted blanket to use on nights when my anxiety keeps me awake. This one had good reviews and the price was reasonable so I decided to try it out. So far I have used it twice and both times it helped me fall asleep quickly. The first time was after a move to a new home where I was exhausted but my mind wouldn't shut off because I had so much to do the next day. It helped slow me down and got me to sleep quickly. The second time was after having a root canal. I usually can't sleep during the day and I needed to rest after the procedure. I grabbed the blanket, dimmed the lights, and was asleep so quickly my husband was shocked. Needless to say its worth every penny and I want to get another one for my mother who has similar sleep issues.

After using this blanket,I am extremely impressed! This blanket truly does help with anxiety and stress. Before deciding to purchase this , I was not sure whether it would actually relieve some of my stress. However after using it , I have found that I have been less stress when wake up every morning. When I touch blanket it filled with something similar to sand,the material is very comfortable and fits on my body and make me less stress.
I have not had any issues so far. If you have been looking for a weighted blanked to reduce anxiety and stress at a great price, look no further.This blanket does everything it promise.

Adriana Rodriguez

Has helped daughter with insomnia. Blanket just hugs you. I love the fact that pellets where sowed in little pockets helps distribute weight evenly. I had purchased a weight blanket previously from a local store but pellets just clumped up in one stop and was difficult to use not to mention fold. I would recommend this blanket for anyone.

Will Wu

I have suffer from sleeping issue for years, and I toss and turn for hours at night. This truly influences my daily life output and my mood becomes irritable. Sometimes I even take the sleep aid. However, it will harm my health in long term. As I found weighted blanket, my sleeping habit get improved. I feel the gentle pressure on my body help relive my stress. Due to its weight, the blanket won’t drop off even I roll over at night.The organic cotton surface is breathable so you feel comfortable even using overnight in summer. I use it not only on the bed but also sofa when I am lying or sitting.My sleeping problem gets better so my mood becomes calm now. I will introduce its merits to my friends or family members for sure.


The quilt is of good quality and is very comfortable to cover. Recently I changed my job and moved to a new city. I bought the quilt, which is more weighty than my previous quilt. No smell, good quality. My boyfriend also likes it, ready to buy another one for him.


I am so glad that I bought this blanket. I suffer from insomnia and on nights that I can't sleep,After using this blanket I slept very well at night,and the blanket is well constructed. the smaller pockets help the weight to be distributed so much more evenly!

Casey S.

My wife has anxiety and I wanted to see if this would help her sleep. I have seen these before but I just ordered a random one and I am really happy with this blanket. When I pulled it out of the packaging I thought whatever it uses as weight is going to pile in the corners or in one spot. Nope it’s even distributed all the time. Then I thought it’s going to be really hot, I was wrong again it’s like a normal blanket just heavy. My wife loves it and uses it a lot especially on the couch to nap and I would never know it’s a weighted blanket if I didn’t order it for her.


I'm a terrible sleeper. Anxiety problems mixed with other issues means I never sleep through the night. Well, with this weighted blanket, I do. I thought maybe it was a coincidence, but when I sleep without it, I wake up several times like I used to.


I love this blanket! I never understood until I purchased one but it's perfect for the summer because it is warm enough but not too warm and the weight is perfect. The quality is a great and it feels heavy duty. Im thinking about buying a heavier one

Becka K

My anxiety symptoms have been off the charts recently and I had a friend tell me about a weighted blanket she got. I decided to take the plunge and purchase one myself. I researched what size and weight and decided on a twin size and I went to the weight one down from what they recommended. I am so glad I went with that weight. it is perfect. I only use it no other covers on when I need it the most. best purchase I have made in a long time. even if you don't have anxiety but have trouble falling asleep, I would recommend getting this blanket. It's like a nice warm hug.

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