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Mental health stories of battling PTSD and depression | EMDR report #3

Battling PTSD and depression ( EDMR therapy session journal # 3 + rambling in the forest )

Welcome to another EMDR session.  This is journal entry #3.   If you are new to my site feel free to go back to the beginning of my EMDR therapy journaling series.  

You will notice that they are quickly evolving as I become more comfortable writing.  

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I have something to confess. After the intense EMDR therapy session I had last week, I have really been dreading this therapy session.

Yesterday, while going on my normal jaunt I decided to try a walking mindfulness meditation from Calm that backfired completely and ended up feeling extremely anxious.  It almost felt like I was going through an antidepressant withdrawal similar to the experiences I describe in the 3 supplements I used as a home remedy to treat my brain zaps when withdrawing article.

I told my therapist about this prior to starting the EMDR session and she thought something about being mindful of my lower body was causing me anxiety and I have not figured out what it is yet.

But hey at least I didn’t roll my ankle is like my other walk.