I took skullcap and started feeling less stress in under 9 minutes!  A review.

I took skullcap and started feeling less stress in under 9 minutes! A review.

7 best Skullcap herb benefits, supplement use, & my own review

Recently I purchased some Skullcap herb to review as a mood enhancer for my depression.

Skullcap herb article main image pills

Skullcap herb article main image pills

In this Skull cap article I go over the 7 best Skullcap herb benefits, how to use the supplement, and my experience with this organic herb.

In this skullcap review article I will cover

  • How I discovered this PARTICULAR herb

  • Forms of Skullcap


  • Information on the bottle

  • Detailed information on taking the herb

  • The skull cap trial, a time based assessment of the skull cap herbal supplement

  • Skullcap review

  • Other’s review / benefit videos

  • Other names for Skullcap


How I discovered the skullcap herb

I am a combat wounded military veteran that suffers from PTSD, depression, and anxiety due to my dangerous job as an Explosive Ordnance Disposal technician.

Yesterday while researching supplements that may or may not help brain zaps I came across an interesting youtube video discussing the herb Skullcap as a possible remedy for brain zaps.

The host was discussing many of the benefits of this interesting herb of which I had never heard of.

He said he had no experience with it helping brain zaps, but that it may be an option.

The video piqued my interest more for all of the other benefits that he said Skullcap could deliver.

I had no plans to purchase any, but today I was at my local coop and out of curiosity,I started looking for the herb in tincture form.

I was unable to find it, but decided to ask one of the employees about the product.

It turns out they were out of the tincture form, but did have the product in pill form.

The very helpful employee also noted that they had the herb in the bulk section if I wanted to use it to make tea.

I still was not going to purchase any of the herbal supplement because I have tried the anxiety and stress relief pills before and had zero luck with them.

A thought popped into my head about doing a review of the supplement anyways because I did say in my brain zaps article, that I was interested in giving it a shot so I decided to do this skull cap review.


Relieves Anxiety

Skullcap tea is a popular method to consume this helpful herb.

It stimulates the release of endorphins and can balance your mood

If you are feeling stressed, tense, or anxious the phenolic compounds and antioxidant compounds in this herb can help you feel more relaxed. 

There are many herbs such that can help you feel relaxed. Another one is  saw palmetto.

Reduces Pain

Skullcap possesses certain analgesic properties, meaning that consuming it can help to relieve pain throughout the body, partially through a reduction in inflammation.

The best type of skull cap for to use is the bulk dried herb which is available on Amazon. I would recommend getting a small bag and giving it a shot.

If it doesn’t work for the pain you can steep is and drink it for tea for all the other added benefits. I like saving money, don’t you?

Soothes Nervous System

If you have any neurological problems there is a chance you have experienced seizures, spasms or other side effects.  

Skullcap tea can soothe the nervous system . It has been traditionally used to naturally reduce seizures. This may be why there have been reports that the skullcap herb works for brain zaps as well.

Removes Toxins

If you are looking for a way to detoxify your body and boost your overall health, skullcap tea may be just the thing.

Skullcap has been associated with an increased antioxidant activity in the liver. Pair this herb up with some Spirulina, and you will really be getting rid of those heavy metals.

Click here to check out my article 5 surprising Spirulina health benefits.

Manages Diabetes

Skullcap can increase the production of insulin by the pancreas and help to regulate the insulin levels.  Furthermore, it has been linked to lower cholesterol level.

If you really want to get your diabetes under control don’t bother with skullcap, check out two books by Dr. Jason Fung. The obesity code, and the complete guide to fasting.

Heart Health

Skullcap helps lower the chances of atherosclerosis, coronary heart diseases and strokes by reducing the level of cholesterol in the heart.

Weight Loss

The research is not 100%, but it appears that a reduction of triglycerides stimulated by the skull cap herb may help with fast weight loss when combined with a proper diet.

If you are looking for something that actually makes you lose weight, start intermittent fasting, and then add full blown fasting up to 4 days, and watch the fat melt off.

Prevents Cancer

Chinese skullcap is an herbal remedy that has been known to induce apoptosis, in cancerous cells and is used for natural treatment of cancer.



Skullcap in pill form which is the form that I will be reviewing so you can find that info below. Check Amazon prices

Bulk leaf and flower

Good for Skullcap tea, application for pain relief, and for smoking.

Check Amazon prices

Skull cap tincture

Liquid format that seems to be the most popular method.

The herb combined with alcohol probably makes the supplement absorb faster. Check Amazon prices


Smoking skullcap

Skullcap apparently can be smoked. I have no experience on this, but I am assuming you would smoke the dried leaf and flower version.


I find some information pointing to the possibility that the Skullcap herb can be added to vape e-juice as well so if you want to add some relaxation to you vape that is always a possibility as well.



Overdose symptoms include giddiness, stupor, confusion, irregular heartbeat and twitching. Pregnant women shouldn’t use this herb since it may cause a miscarriage.

Some supplements have been tainted with plants of the Teucrium species, which have been shown to cause liver damage. It’s important to seek skullcap from reputable sources.

There are no documented cases of negative interactions with other herbs or medications although it does have a sedative effect and should not be combined with prescription sedatives.


  • Local food coops

  • Where bulk herbs are sold

  • Nutritional stories

  • Amazon


EXTERNAL skullcap bottle

Skullcap bottle front

This particular skullcap supplement is made by Oregon’s Wild Harvest herbal supplements since 1994.

There isn’t anything really striking about the front of the bottle. It pretty much looks like every other advertising for herbal supplements.

Under the primary Skullcap title it says “Relax and soothe the mind”

Below that are small labels that say “Made with organic Skull cap” and “Made with 100% non-GMO ingredients”

Skullcap suggested use

Skullcap bottle information side #1

The bottle contains 90 vegetarian capsules at 3 caps per serving which is odd because on the only ingredients listed is the skullcap and vegetarian capsules which I believe, means it should have been listed as Vegan.

The bottle states “ As an herbal supplement, take three capsules daily or as directed by your healthcare professional. Do not exceed recommended dose”


Skullcap bottle information side #2

The information read Skullcap comes by its name honestly. When you reduce your reaction to stress by easing anxiety and tension, you’re able to relax yet stay active and alert. Essentially, you’re putting a cap on your stress and shutting it out of your mind and your adrenals.”

This side of the bottle also included the lot number and best by date of 08/2021

Skull cap trials

By this time I was excited to give Skullcap a go and see what happened. Just for fun I decided to time the whole event and log if or when I felt any different.

Important information to the test



At the time of taking the skullcap I had been fasting so I took these herbs on an empty stomach and had no food in the past 36 hours. Honestly I didn’t expect much to happen, but at around 3:28 I had a slight head change which I attributed to the placebo effect.



At 7:24 it started to feel like my jaw ( which is constantly tight due to my PTSD ) was loosening up.



At around the 17:48, we arrived back at the house I was amazed to notice that my vision seemed brighter

I stepped out of the car feeling the mental clarity similar to what I discussed in my first fasting experience.

After that I lost track of the time

I lost track of time because I was hit by a renewed mental clarity and noted that it seemed like my sense of smell was improved.

The neighbors had cut their grass, and it smelled AMAZING.

Skullcap 100% started to release tension in my body

I could breath deeper

Recently I have noticed that my breathing has been pretty shallow, and my lungs have felt tight. 

A dead giveaway for being stressed and anxious, but to my surprise my lungs had loosed up, and I was taking in deep breaths, and feeling much more relaxed.

I have to say that I was not expecting this at all.


I think this herbal supplement would be a great tea in the cold winter months before bed.  With how quickly I reacted to the pill form, I am assuming that the tea would work even faster acting as a nice relaxing sleep aid.


If you are suffering from mild depression, anxiety or stress I think that the skullcap herb will indeed help you take the edge off. 

If you are interested in other people’s reviews check out these skull cap reviews on Amazon.

If you would like to give Skullcap a shot please use my links. I will get a tiny portion of the sale which helps me maintain this website.

If this Skullcap review was helpful please leave a comment in the comment section letting me know, and share this article with your friends.


If you give skullcap a shot, and it improves your mood like it did mine, please let me know. I love it when I am able to help others out.


Give it a shot

I cannot say whether or not skullcap works for brain zaps, but it certainly does help you relax which makes it beneficial for brain zaps due to that fact alone. I hope it does work as a cure for brain zaps though. Let me know if you decide to make a purchase and give it a shot.


  • Scutellaria lateriflora



Specific: No known precautions.
General: We recommend that you consult with a qualified healthcare practitioner before using herbal products, particularly if you are pregnant, nursing, or on any medications.

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