How to make a mean cat friendly | Feral flower formula Vs Meanie the semi feral

How to make a mean cat friendly | Meanie’s story


Meet Meanie the semi feral cat

Meanie’s story

What up Yinz?  Meanie the semi feral cat here doing my first blog post.  The owner this blog is one of my new neighbors across the alley.

He left his phone outside so I thought I would swipe it and leave a pic of my bum, but I think this camera must be broken because my balls seem to be missing along with the tip of my ear.


The feral flower formula is our go to

We work with many cat colonies in the Pittsburgh area, and when we trap the very mean feral cats we always use this specific Jackson Galaxy product because it has proven itself time and time again.

When meanie changed from being the meanest cat we had ever seen into a cuddle bug, we knew it was the Jackson Galaxy drops that must have done it so give em a shot and see if they work for you.


I may have to hop on and ask what that is all about.

Anyway the someone is making all kinds of noise inside the green house.  I think I heard him say something like ”screw DIY” and we are never moving in” so I might as well tell you the traumatic tail of how I got here.

 Sonia bringing home a surprise.

Sonia bringing home a surprise.

it all started one day when I was in search for of some toppings for my Pittsburgh salad.  I found some sweet smellin sardines in a funny looking box.  I was hummies so I went in to get them and it closed on me.

I went best mode.  It was a trap yinz.  Can’t nobody keep me inside.  Then the lights went out and I heard some cray blonde haired human say I was the scariest feral she had ever met.  Hah!  She’s never met my cousin monster across town.  He is a real feral.   They’d never catch him.  

 After that things seem a but hazy.


When I got out, I some how ended up at this hideously colored green house with the biggest yard around.

Don’t tell no one but I think they might be drug dealers.  No, for reals.   I swear they have plants that smell and looks like fresh CATNIP!  

Can you believe that?!   Right in the open for all the cats to see.

 Meanie hanging next to the cat nip.

Meanie hanging next to the cat nip.


I mean my nip dealer gets me me some good stuff but nothing like this.  This stuff is DOPE.

I am pretty sure one of the owners here is the one who trapped and named me but I am not 100% sure.

What I do know is there is always food here for me and two other ferals named Shake and Bake in honor of the best movie ever Talledega Nights.

For awhile I didn’t want anything to do with these humans but I think they must have spiked my food with something because lately I have been feeling like an entirely different cat. 


I mean don’t get me wrong I still get a good his going whenever I see them,  but after that I just start mewing away and they give me food.  It’s pretty great.


The woman human seems to be a bit scared me still so I like to keep her on her toes with a few swats while she is trying to feed me.  My name is Meanie after all, but I think the male human may be broken.  He just comes in for pets like my name is Sweetie or something.   He either has never seen my beast mode or thinks my name IS Sweetie.

Either way I let him pick me up and I follow these humans around the yard while they plant strange plants in a thing called a garden?

They appear to be setting us up some sort of insulated cooler thing called an outdoor shelter.  It has holes in the side and is filled with straw.

When it gets colder and the white stuff comes I think they want me to stay in one of these shelters.  We’ll have to see about that. 

Well that’s it Fort Pitt, I hear that human coming this way I better scat. 

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