How to make your first $1000 selling used junk on Mercari

How to make your first $1000 selling used junk on Mercari

How to make your first $1000 selling used junk on Mercari

It may seem odd to find an article on how to sell on Mercari on a site that is related to depression and PTSD, but for me they go hand in hand.

Selling online is one of my favorite ways to distract myself from my PTSD and depression. You know what the say.

Money can’t buy you happiness, buy it certainly can’t hurt to have some extra spending money, and damn it’s fun going out in search of treasures.

I have lost my passion for selling online so I thought I would pass some of my online selling knowledge to those of you who are interested in making some extra cash on the side.

If you are new to Mercari, I will help you navigate the ins and outs of getting started, and if you are an established seller, hopefully I will still be able to provide some useful tips and tricks to sell more. Before we get into it though, let’s go over my online sales experience.

My online sales background

So i have been selling on various online market places for over 6 years now and have over $400,000 in sales spread across various market places such as eBay, Amazon, Etsy and Mercari so I have plenty of experience, tricks and knowledge to share with you.  A

Not just for Mercari

lot of this info will be universal across each online marketplace so you can use.


Mercari VS eBay

  • Less competition compared to eBay.

  • Easy learning curve for the beginner compared to ebay.

  • Better sales experience ( For the most part ) .

  • Straight forward listing process.

  • Less information to enter compared to eBay’s annoying catalog that can bury your listing if not completed correctly.

    No secret / complex search algorithms to figure out compared to ebay

  • Less stringent feedback system.

  • No beginner’s sales restrictions.

  • Clear selling fees shown when listing with no reoccurring monthly fees.

  • Traffic comparable to eBay

  • Constantly updating their application



Selling is a continual loop system

I am going to break down the entire selling process into systems. You start out with Mercari system #1 product procurement and end with Mercari system #5 customer service then repeat over and over again.

The more you do it, the more you learn and the better you become at selling on Mercari, eBay, Amazon ETC. Sound good? Let’s dig in.

In order to be successful selling on any online marketplace you need the proper system in place to be able to complete every step of the process and then repeat the process over and over again to generate a constant flow of sales.  Below you will find each of the main systems required to have a fully functional Mercari store. 

Mercari restrictions

Always check Mercari’s policies regarding what you can and cannot sell on Mercari. It is always changing so it is just better to go straight to their policies and become familiar with them.


Mercari is no longer a free app. They are now taking a 10% fee which I am sure will increase as this app becomes more and more popular for selling stuff online.


Mercari use to only offer payments on Mercari every Monday. Fortunately now they offer daily payments

#1 Mercari product procurement system

Where do I find stuff to sell on Mercari, eBay, Amazon or anywhere else?

Before you can start selling stuff one Mercari you physically have yo have something to sell.  There are many ways you can find things to sell on.

Your house

Finding stuff to sell can be as easy as looking around your own house.   The average american home has $40,000 worth of stuff that could easily be sold online. 

Garage sales

Once you clear our your house of items to sell it is time to move on to my favorite part of selling online.  

Garage sale hunting is a great way to find cheap products you can resell online, sometimes at 1000% profit if you know what to look for.

Usually you can find stuff cheap which means you have a minimal amount of money invested in your items so there is wiggle room when you make mistakes

Thrift stores

Thrift stores are another place you can find items to resell.  The only problem is that these days most thrift stores have caught on to the resale game

They are getting better and better at researching items and with they are taking most of the good stuff and selling it online

That being said, they can’t catch everything and you can still find plenty of gems. 

Big box stores


Personally this is my least favorite option die to the amount of money invested into the products, but “ Retail Arbitrage” is a thing and I suppose you could do it on Mercari as well.    

#2 Mercari listing system

how to list on Mercari

  • Clean your item.

  • Research price on eBay’s completed listings.

  • Note the condition of your item ( Be conservative ).

  • Take a photo using your phone.

  • Add title ( 40 characters ) .

  • Add category.

  • Add brand.

  • Add condition.

  • Add description ( See tips below on how to gain more views ) .

  • Add storage code to description ( See inventory system ) .

  • Add shipping info.

  • Post item for sale.

#3 Mercari inventory system

One if the worst feelings in the world is having a big fat juicy sale and not being able to find the item you just sold.

I know because I have been plenty of times. 


  • Get boxes or even better, plastic tubs and label them.

  • I prefer doing A-Z then if I need more I add numbers A1-Z1

  • Place listed item into storage bin

  • Add storage code to listing. ( This can be done while listing if you know which bin it is going into )

  • This is the simplest, most effective way to ensure that you will not lose your item, and was hours upon hours looking for your items.



Inkjet printers

If an inkjet printer is the only thing you have, it is what you have. I would recommend upgrading to a laserjet printer at a minimum because you are going to burn through money having to buy ink all the time.


I am a big fan of HP laserjets. They last forever, and it doesn’t cost an arm and a leg for ink like the inkjets. I have even purchased a 10 year old HP laserjet at a thrift store for $5.00 and got a year out of it before I upgraded to a wireless HP laserjet.


When you first start out selling online, you can get by with printing the shipping label on a piece of paper, cutting it out and taping it to your package, but if you are looking to make real money, a good thermal printer will save you a TON of time.

Recomended thermal label printers for Mercari shipping labels.

Shipping supplies for Mercari

Things to consider on Mercari shipping supplies

  • It is important for your customers to remember you. Using interesting shipping supplies can set you apart from other sellers.

Free shipping supplies for Mercari

If you are in a pinch and need some free shipping supplies you can always go do some dumpster diving behind the big box stores fore free cardboard boxes. They don’t look professional, but in a pinch they will do just fine as long as they are clean.

Buying shipping supplies for Mercari or any other online marketplace

Sometimes buying shipping supplies is just the way to go. When you are looking to stand out from the crowd as a seller these are the must haves.

One great way is to include thank you cards, and have some awesome packaging that says “ REMEMBER ME “ It is always easier to keep a customer, than find a new one.


Shipping tape is always an expense when you are using boxes.

I prefer to buy my tape by the case because it saves money, and can last a long time. Just remember, not all tape is created equal.

If you buy cheap tape, expect cheap results.

Types of shipping supplies that will save you time and stand out as a seller.

Mercari shipping tips


Use poly mailers for clothing. They are waterproof, lightweight, and can come in colorful options to make you stand out as a seller. Check out the entire range of polybags.


Bubble mailers are the padded version of poly mailers. They come in a ton of different sizes and colors. They are so versatile especially if you get the extra large bubble mailers which I am a huge fan of. Check out the entire range of bubble mailers.

Should you print an invoice with your orders?

This is up to you, but I personally think it is a waste of paper. I stopped including invoices years ago, and have never had a single person on any online marketplace ask for one. If they really want one, they can print one out on their own.

Ship your orders fast

It is important to no procrastinate when you sell something on Mercari.

I highly recommend packaging and shipping your sales on the same day if possible. If that isn’t an option, you should ship it no later than the next day.

People these days are impatient. Even with Mercari’s more lenient feedback system, you can still end up with an angry customer if you delay.

#5 Mercari customer service system


The final system before rinsing and repeating the entire process to make a new income stream is to provide excellent customer service.

If you have buttered them up with great packaging, and a thank you card, your feedback should be good.

PRO TIP No matter how hard you try, you are not going to please everyone so if you do get a poor review, brush it off and keep trucking.

MORE Packaging tips

A general rule of thumb: Package the item the way you’d like to receive it yourself. Remember, the recipient is going to rate you.

  • Stock up on shipping supplies (bubble wrap, boxes, newspaper) ahead of time

    • Save packing materials you receive, so you can re-use them at a moment’s notice

  • If your label is for USPS Priority Mail, you can use the free Priority Mail boxes available at your local post office

    • Don’t confuse them with USPS Priority Express boxes — they’re different

  • Consider including a thank you note for the buyer — personal touches can turn a one-time sale into a repeat customer

  • Before sealing the box, give it a shake; if the item moves around, add more packing material

  • Tape seams and edges carefully so your package doesn’t open in transit

  • Cover the shipping label with clear tape to protect it from moisture

  • Weigh your package before you ship to confirm it doesn’t exceed the weight limit on the label

  • If you’re reusing a shipping box, remove old labels like “hazardous chemicals” to avoid service disruptions and/or fines from FedEx or USPS

    • If fines are applied, it’s your responsibility to pay them

Mercari tips and tricks to increase sales and make more money



Keyword stuffing is a term used by SEO experts to describe an old tactic of using as as many keywords on a webpage as possible. When it comes to Mercari you have 40 characters in the title PLUS the search engine algorithm will search the entire description for keywords.

This means that you want to use as many descriptive words as possible when listing your item including alternate names and spellings.

Mercari even has a browse by keyword section which proves that having as many keywords in your description as you can is a good idea.

Pricing trchniques

  • Think upscale garage sale when pricing most items.

  • Use eBay’s completed listings section to determine how to price hard to find or rare items.

Things that sell well on Mercari

  • Clothing

  • Purses

  • Video games

  • Legos

  • Shoes

  • Silver and gold jewelry

  • Coins

  • Movies

  • Decor

The 10% rule

When you are pricing your items always add 10% to the top of your asking price. Mercari is known for haggling so if you put an extra 10% on top of your asking price you give yourself some flexibility on your prices, and will help the customer feel like they are getting a better deal.

Update your app and keep it updated

Always keep your Mercari app updated. This cannot be verified, but it appears that if you don’t have you app updated, your sales slow down.


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