How I am quieting my critical and negative inner voice

How I am quieting my critical and negative inner voice

How I talk and listen to my inner child

Welcome reader! How many times do you hear a negative inner voice in your head?

My little survivor series #1

My little survivor series #1

I use to hear that critical voice all day every day, but I have found my own personal way to quiet the harsh, negative words that cut through all my other thoughts like a hot knife through butter.

I would like to share my way with you, if you care to read on.

The best part of this technique is that it is super simple in theory, but will probably take some practice.


Connecting with your inner child

Experts will tell you that you to visualize your inner child and have a conversation with them.

But what if you struggle with visualizing, or just aren’t getting it?

I am no expert, but I am going to tell you how I connect with my inner child and listen.

This has been incredibly helpful in calming the constant flow of negative thought I use to have on a daily basis.

Writing to my inner child to relieve negative inner thoughts

I cannot believe it has taken me this long to figure this out, but better late than never right?

I write to my inner child, then I “listen” with my body by paying attention to how it makes me feel.

If you struggle with dissociation, this may be difficult to do, but I can tell you that as someone that has a life degree in dissociation from disarming live bombs in a warzone, if I can do it, you can too.

It just takes practice.

Today, I am going to share my first talk with my inner child.

I am not a fan of the term “inner child”, I prefer to refer to him as my little survivor.

My first letter to my inner child

Blue text is the explanation behind the content, and is not included when I am actually writing to my little survivor.

Saying hello to my inner child

How are you feeling today my little survivor?   You seem quiet; that is a very good sign.

I hope you are enjoying the beach I brought you to.   

I used my inner child technique for other painful memories

Please say hello to Baby duckling, Great Grandma Nekel, and Mr. Spider.

Paying attention

I just wanted to let you know that I am listening and I am still sorry that I have ignored you for so long.  

I would like to remind you that I am no longer ignoring you.   

I have been doing a lot of self reflection, and I understand why you have been hurting for so long.

Showing understanding

I have to tell you something. We have our roles are backwards.

Can you believe that?!   

I call you my little survivor because you are so strong. You have protected me for so long, and I didn’t know it was you.

I thought I was the strong one, but I was bamboozled into thinking that ignoring everything that my abrasive world throws at us makes us strong.

The truth is, it weakens us, and was weakened others to the point of death. I speak from personal experience.


Thank you for protecting me during the war.   I think I would be even more messed up now if I didn’t have your amazing power of insulation to keep me disconnected from the extreme mental stress I experienced over there.

Comforting and switching roles

I need to tell you something that isn’t going to be easy for you to hear, but I need you to trust me.

Can you do that?

I know, this is going to be an incredible change for you, it will be scary and painful, but I am here to protect you from anything bad happening to us.    

I would like to help you understand what I have learned about emotions on this journey.

I know, journey sort of annoys me as well, but it I currently don’t have a better word.

Don’t worry, we will come up with something better for US.

What I have learned

Here is what I have learned so far, my little survivor.   

Emotional pain is the WORST type of pain you can experience.

Physical wounds heal on their own.

Mental wounds do not heal unless you feel the pain.

I understand why you withdrew and went numb, but just because you can do it, doesn’t mean that you should.   

Do you know why?    Because without that emotional pain we have been unable to learn, and grow into our full potential.   

We have been going through life with a peg leg!


I know you love pirates you little treasure hunter.   

You have had me out, distracted, searching this crazy world for treasures for how many years now?!   

I have never seen such skulduggery.

I have to admit, I am impressed!

I love treasure hunting just as much as you, and I will never stop hunting for stuff for us but I may change the kinds of things we hunt for.

I just realized, I have already discovered the most valuable thing I could ever find.

You, my little survivor.

Inner child conclusion

There are other treasures out there to be discovered, and I know right where to start looking.

  • Writing a letter to your inner self can be an amazing way to quiet your inner negative emotions.

  • Write to your inner child.

  • Listen to your inner child with your feelings.

  • Dissociation deafens what you are trying to hear, so stay present.

  • Skulduggery is my new favorite word.

  • This stuff isn’t easy, it takes practice, and possibly even help so don’t be afraid to get help if you need it.

  • Think about a what you would name your inner child, and leave it in the comment section.

What would you name your inner child?

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