5 ways fasting for depression has helped my mental health

5 ways fasting for depression has helped my mental health

5 ways fasting for depression has helped my mental health.

Fasting for depression update

Welcome weary traveler.  Are you looking for a natural, drug free way to help gain control of your depression?

In this fasting article, I will be going over my personal experiences after doing fasting and intermittent fasting for 3 months.

Fasting: My first step to positive mental health

Fasting is the path that I used to get started on my path to depression free living.

Without using fasting and intermittent fasting, I do not believe I would be where I am today.

It has opened my eyes to a world that had been keeping me depressed, and has given me the ability to take back my personal power, and find myself in the process.

A congrats is in order for you.

I would like to congratulate you on taking the initiative to gain control of your life.

Right now, you are blind to the path.

You can’t see it because your senses are blinded by the numbness , distractions, and the lies you have been told intentionally and unintentionally.


  • The information in this article is my experience and opinion.

  • Do your own research, and fast at your own risk.

  • If you are suicidal or easily triggered please seek help.

Before I started fasting.

At my lowest of lows I was in my own personal hell that I create with:

  • Isolation

  • Not seeking help from a mental health professional

  • Alcohol

  • Distractions

  • Dissociation

  • Poor eating habits

  • Lack of exercise

  • Lack of mental stimulation

There is a reason religions have used fasting for thousands of years.

Fasting turned my senses back on.

I have learned that fasting is a way to heighten my senses.

Do you think our hunter gatherer ancestors had depression?

No, they didn’t because depression is mostly an illness of society.

One that is created by society due many different factors of which I am not going to get into.

Fasting for depression isn’t a cure, merely a tool to help you turn your super human abilities back on, open your real eyes and find the path you are looking for.

For the first time in my life, my senses are now working.

Once my senses were turned on, I needed to start using them by looking at my inner self, rebuilding my inner world and being present in the outer world.

Question, investigate and experience for myself

If you are looking for some sort of well researched fasting article that explaining the ins and outs of fasting, this isn’t it. 

These are just my personal fasting experiences.

3 months of fasting and intermittent fasting

3 MONTHS?!   It is hard to believe that just 3 months ago I decided to make the giant leap from the standard american way of eating to my fasting protocol.   

It has been a really interesting journey, and I am really enjoying it.

BTW,  Feel free to share your experience or opinion on the comment section at the bottom of this page.

In this fasting for depression article I will be covering the following topics

  • What is fasting for depression really?

  • 5 ways water fasting for depression has helped my mental health

  • Conclusion

  • Fasting experience updates

  • Comment section

What is fasting for depression really?

I thought I would go over something about fasting that I initially thought I had discovered. 

Fasting is not a cure for depression, it seems to be more of these things.

  • A way to turn your senses back on.

  • A guilt free form of controlling your food

  • A microbiome reset

  • A method, with the to give your body a chance to heal and rejuvenate after the fast.

Fasting as a distraction technique

If you are suffering from depression or anxiety like me, I know that you are a survivor

You are here because you are looking for knowledge that is going to take you past the point of just surviving. 

Surviving, isn’t living.

As survivors of these conditions we come up with various techniques to help cope, and honestly I think that fasting is another distraction technique for me.

That being said, I have noticed positive mental health improvements since starting to fast, and I plan on fasting in some way, shape, or form for the rest of my life.

5 ways fasting for depression has helped my mental health

#1 Fasting has helped my mood become much more stable

PRO TIP - Fasting is not a diet, it is a lifestyle. I fail and eat like I use to, but I now have a way to undo those failures which makes those failures no big deal.
— Adam Coleman

I use to be hungry CONSTANTLY, and when I wouldn’t get food for a few hours, I would get extremely irritable.

Fasting has helped keep my mood much more stable, and has given me a better understanding, and appreciation for food in general.

#2  Fasting is a guilt free form of controlling your food

Fasting is a form of control

Fasting gives you the strength to take back control from the menacing little microbes in your gut.

These microbes a causing you to make poor food choices. 

I believe there is a reason that you feel like your stomach controls your mood, and your actions, because I think it does.

#3 Fasting has improved my will power

Fasting isn’t easy

After my 4 day fasting for depression experiment things actually got more difficult, not less. 

Fasting is not something you normally just hop into. It takes practice to gain the willpower to overcome the signals being sent from your stomach
— Adam Coleman

I ended up having ease back into the fast with a few 24 hour fasts then bumping my fasts up 24 hours each time until I reached the 4-6 day mark.

Once I was easily able to fast for 4 days consistently my willpower and overall mental health has improved.

#4 Fasting gave my body a chance to heal

I believe that my fasting gave my body a chance to heal and rejuvenate itself.

I intentionally gave myself high quality nutrients when I broke my fast in order to give the good bacteria of my microbiome the chance to the over come all of the bad bacteria that was causing all the problems.

#5 Fasting has helped me shed a large amount of weight very quickly

This one may be a little bit vain, but I don’t care.  My clothes fit me so much better now which makes me feel better. 

In 3 months I have dropped 4 pant sizes without doing any intentional exercise, and that is very empowering to know that I finally KNOW how to get rid of unwanted fat instead of guessing and following false information.

Conclusion to this fasting for depression article

  • Fasting is not a depression cure like I thought it was.

  • It takes practice and will power to be able to fast consistently.

  • It is ok to mess up and go back to old eating habits because fasting should be a lifestyle, not a diet.

Fasting for depression experience updates

6 month fasting for depression update

  • Fasting has opened to door to question everything about this world.

  • Give yourself 4 days of fasting and experience it for yourself.

  • Wondering why your depression isn’t getting better?

    • Your mind and body are being poisoned by almost every industry.

      • The financial industry.

        • Society defines success as being rich, and owning lots of stuff.

        • Neither of these things help with depression, and actually just make things worse.

        • We are constantly bombarded by information about rich people having so much fun with their fast cars and fancy houses.

      • The drug industry.

        • The drug companies would be out of a job if everyone became healthy.

      • The food industry.

        • You have been told by everyone you know that eating 3 - 6 meals a day is healthy for you.

        • You have been isolated from your food sources and steered towards so called foods that

      • The medical industry.

        • Doctors want to help, but any honest doctor will tell you that they are using a throw something at the wall and hope it sticks approach.

        • Depression is a chemical imbalance ( It may be for some, but it isn’t for most. )

        • The cultural stigmas around mental illness keep people away from the help they need.

      • The exercise industry.

        • Society and the exercise industry love to make you feel like garbage about your appearance. If you felt good about your appearance you wouldn’t waste your money going to a gym.

    • Society itself is poisoning you with the wrong information.

      • Therapy is for the weak.

      • Families are becoming more and more isolated.

      • Human beings are tribal organisms, meant to be in groups of people.

  • Questions to ask yourself

    • If an industry can make money off you with negative emotions, do you think they would do it?

    • What sells more?

      • Fear?

      • or

      • Hope?

    • Am I actually suffering from depression?

    • If money and financial success are so great, why do so many famous people die from drug overdoses, and commit suicide?

  • Want your depression to get better?

  • Fasting was my first step down my amazing path toward healing.

  • I am finally able to feel again, and I am grateful for no longer in a world of numbness where everything is drained of all it’s colors.

  • I can only say it is amazing now that I get to turn around and look back at where I came from.   

  • Understand these things as truth

    1. You are not broken.

    2. You are just lost wandering in a world where all the signs are pointing in the wrong direction.

    3. Your mind, body, and soul are just out of balance.

    • Your inner world has been poisoned by false information from the outer world.

  • You have been given a label which you accepted because some “expert” diagnosed you, or because you act a certain way.

  • Fasting is free, and has been an effective tool for me, but it isn’t for everyone.

  • If I had not tried fasting, I wouldn’t be where I am now.

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