Deciphering my dream with color & feelings

Deciphering my dream with color & feelings

dreaming in color and feeling

Dream story introduction

Hello readers!  Do you ever have feelings in your dreams? 

Last night was a vivid dream night, the kind usually earned by eating spicy food before bed, being too hot, or having antidepressant withdrawals.

I also experienced something in this dream that I have never experienced in the 38 years of my life.

I awoke at 4:30 am,  exhausted from this dream, I rolled out of my hammock slipping out of my cocoon of a sleeping bag. 

I should have just went back to sleep, but I was annoyed at being tired.

Don’t ask why I do these things, I don’t even know.

Anyway, I decided to go outside in the cold dark to say hi to Meanie; the yard cat. 

What else was I going to do at 4:30 in the morning; write a blog post?!

Meanie is awesome.  He comes out from his little igloo shelter to say hi no matter what time it is.

While hanging out with my feline friend the vivid details of my dream start coming back to me.

The more I remembered, the more excited I got.   

I love sleeping, and whether I am having nightmares, vivid, or just plain ole regular dreams I appreciate them all in their own unique ways. 

The details of this dream are only as good as the words I can find to describe them so this is going to be excellent writing practice for this vividly perceived dream.

I say perceived because not only was this dream vivid, it had many feelings attached to it that probably have deep meaning which I would love to hear your thoughts on in the comment section if you would care to share.

Dream setting

The vision

A campground near a strange saltwater beach in Northern Minnesota.

The feeling of the first day of a vacation someplace special hangs in the air.

The campground

The layout

This low tech campground looks more like Panama City, FL at spring break than a tranquil vacation setting.

Part grass, part sand tire tracks split a jam packed parking area with various types of vans and campers.  VW vanagons, RVs, Dodges; Chevies; their doors wide open, and personal items strewn about.

I am alone in this area; wondering where everyone is at.

The beach

Not a beach

Calling this place a beach would be a stretch.

There is the feeling of water, but no vision of it.

It feels more like the sandy version of the shire from lord of the rings which is actually sort of fitting as I will uncover shortly.

The beach goers

The people here are friendly; a welcomed change from most of my dreams.

Everyone seems happy to see me; complete strangers, almost familiar faces, and friends from my childhood greet me with smiles, and curiosity at the equipment that I have brought with me.

Treasure hunting

Searching for gold and silver coins

There are coins everywhere on the beach.

I have my trusty ace 250 metal detector with me, but I don’t really need it because the coins are just sitting in the peaks and valleys of this sandy shire.

Even though there are coins everywhere, I am on the lookout of the always elusive silver, and gold type.

The beach goers come up to me and seem excited to see the treasures I am finding.

Sharing in their excitement I show off my finds and strike up interesting conversations with them that I remember in striking detail.

The question everyone I meet in this vision asks me one main question.

What is the best thing you have found so far?

With each person, I would pull out my best find. A 1878 Morgan silver dollar, the best find I have every found metal detecting in real life.

The experience of having someone feel excited about the same things I have excitement for was heart warming.

Conversations with beach goers

The decrepit mansions outside Lyle, MN

In this dream, I experience something I have never before experienced in a dream.

  1. Remembering conversations in absolute detail.

  2. Memories of non existent places in extreme detail, and being able to describe those details to the person I am having the conversation in the dream! with them confirming those details back to me.

I had a conversation with one of the dreamers* about an old man who lived in a country home near country road 6 outside of Lyle, MN

The dreamer described this house, and the man in great detail, and was recounting how this old man had gone mad.

I visualized the description of the house in my mind’s eye; receiving an exact memory of this house with a geographic location.

In this vision there was a place down the road I had always wanted to metal detect.

I described it to the dreamer, and he confirmed that it was the correct location, and he was familiar with….


The decrepit mansions off county road 6

If you are familiar with my home town you would understand that it would be comical for there to be mansions in this area.

My dream vision recalled in great detail these stone and brick hulks overgrown with the sands of time.

The land surrounding them seemed to come out of a rocky old growth landscape covered in a blanket of half dead grass, colorful fresh fall leaves, and tree branches; the rocks randomly breaking the surface of the yards like scattered tombstones.

I could see this area in vivid detail, down to the moss growing in between the mortar of the stones & buildings.

This place felt like it was a memory from another dream, or I was having Deja vu.

The vacation is coming to an end

I am on a bike riding up to a group of dreamers on bikes stopped at the end of a trail.

Their bright, safety green helmets were striking.

Their faces, demeanor and conversations gave them the familiarity of co workers.

They asked me how my vacation was going.

This question gave me the sense of running out of time.

A yearning for this vacation to continue came over me.


I am suddenly back at the beach.

Like the feeling of having another week added to a vacation due to an unexpected circumstance I get to continue with this experience.

I panic thinking my ace 250 metal detector has been returned to my van which seems incredibly far away now.

Fortunately, I find my metal detector resting on one of the shire like dunes; it’s coil buried slightly in the sand.

The rest of the dream is spent searching for coins with the dreamers of this strange vision.

Feelings of this dream

Waking up / conclusion

Dreams about finding money

Dreaming about finding money, or treasure is not a common occurrence.

When it does happen, I am normally disappointed that it wasn’t real.

After I woke up, and recalled this dream in detail, I was left feeling fulfilled rather than disappointment which is nice.

That being said I easily received a message from this dream that relationship, and communication are much more important that all the gold and silver in the world.


  • Introduction
  • Setting
  • Campground
  • The beach
  • The end
  • Or is it?
  • Feelings of this dream
  • Symbolism
  • Waking up
  • Conclusion
  • Comment section
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