5 personal tips for improving your therapy & counseling sessions

5 personal tips for improving your therapy & counseling sessions

EMDR therapy tips for those who struggle with PTSD, depression and anxiety

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EMDR therapy is working!

Hey everyone!  I was answering some  EMDR questions on Quora.com and was pretty impressed with how much progress I have made so far.   I FEEL STUFF!  I have to go do something down here really quick then I will show you everything I have figured out so far.   





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Awwwww yeah!   I’ve seen hope baby!

I am on week 5 of EMDR therapy ( I am behind on articles ) and I have journaled every therapy session so I think it is time to gather all of the information that I think would be valuable for those seeking relief from mental pain.   

What this article will cover

  • A brief overview of everything I am currently doing to battle my PTSD and depression.

  • General tips about therapy that I think will help you and things I think people should prepare for if they want help.

  • EMDR therapy tips and tricks

  • Inner child experiences

  • The progress I have made

A brief overview of MY MENTAL HEALTH PLAN

Ok, it is time to go over how I have been attacking my mental health issues.   I am hoping this will clear up any confusion about what kind of waters I am wading into.  


I am not a medical professional nor an expert in mental health.   I am just showing you what I am doing. 

Which mental health problems do I tackle FIRST? 

My childhood / My depression 

So when I initially started going to therapy I was asked where I wanted to start.   Recognizing that I had issues long before the military I decided that tackling my childhood issues first made the most sense.    I figured if I had a clean slate going into my PTSD I would be able to handle that part better.

My therapist at the time seemed to agree with my logic which is why even though this site is called PTSDanddepression.com you don't see any PTSD specific therapy sessions yet.   I am just now starting to wade into these waters, and there be monsters.   


The PTSD sessions will come I can promise you. Subscribe to keep tabs on me, and become engaged with my posts to help motivate me to keep writing.   It feels like I am talking to myself right now. 

What I am currently doing as a man to battle my PTSD / depression

  • Online journaling at least once a week.

  • Doing my own creative art therapy projects.

  • Walking at least 1 hour most days.

  • Being open about my struggles.


General therapy thoughts & tips

  • For me, the hardest part was admitting I need help to a complete stranger.

  • If you are in the military and want to get help, but afraid you will get punished or lose your clearance. I had a TOP SECRET (CNWIDI) clearance and I was still able to operate when walked into medical and broke down in tears asking for help. This of course is on a case by case basis.

  • You can go to therapy and not be in therapy at all. Research disassociation

  • Disassociation is a slippery thing. I literally had to force my brain to stay in my body like it was a fish caught on a line and it did NOT want to be caught.

  • It is extremely painful stuff. It doesn’t matter what type of trauma you go through. This shit hurts but it can get better, but you have to want it.

  • I wish I could give you a peak into what I have seen so far, but I guess you'll just have to settle for my blog posts.

  • You will have to walk down the path on your own, but that doesn't mean you have to be alone. Find people that love and support you to give you high 5s on the way. Think you don't have anyone? Yeah, I've been there as well. I'll try to be one of them if you need me to be.

  • It is exhausting, but you know what is even more exhausting? Keeping everything inside. It takes an incredible amount of energy to keep negative thoughts inside. I heard that somewhere, but I didn't really understand until I was able to let something go.

  • It is an incredibly slow process especially when you are resisting and you don’t even know it.

  • Holding back information will hinder your healing. I’ll never forget the first time my therapist I was thinking about suicide. It felt great, and it wasn't a surprise to them.

  • Being open to others about your mental health invites others to share their own issues / experiences. Hell, I tell random strangers these days lol.


  • The EMDR experience in general is just interesting

  • I have seen real signs of progress for once, but with all of the other things I am doing it is hard to say which thing is actually working, but I can say for sure that the entire combo of what I am using is working.

  • It is a confusing thing to wrap your head around. I spent the first one or two sessions trying to understand the what was going on, but it Really started working when I stopped trying so hard.

  • I feel lighter.

  • I’ve balled my eyes out as well.

  • While doing talk therapy it took me 8 months to even crack a whisper of a tear and it was gone just as fast. EMDR did it in two session.

  • I have had some wild dreams, but nothing to bad.

  • I felt the feeling of excitement for the first time in a VERY long time.

  • I am remembering things from my past that I couldn’t recall before.

  • I feel less withdrawn.

  • I feel less vulnerable to stress.

Inner child work experience so far

  • While researching inner child work I stumbled upon some YouTube videos that triggered emotional responses. This caused me to talk to my therapist about it, and we did the an inner child meditation which blew me away. 10 minutes of work lifted some heavy weight off my shoulders.

  • An amazing way to work through childhood trauma .

  • Gives you a great foundation to build on.

  • Made me realize how disconnected I am from myself.

  • It has given me insight into how poorly I have been taking care of myself.

  • Similar to EMDR, I feel line there is real progress being made.



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