6 Art therapy ideas to help heal your inner world at home

6 Art therapy ideas to help heal your inner world at home

6 Art therapy ideas to help heal your inner world at home

Hello fellow traveler. Welcome to another art therapy related blog posts.

Art therapy is one of the many tools I have used to help repair my inner world, and reflect positive perception into the the world that you and I share.

We are all unique beings

Every single one of us are completely unique. We are, ironically, all snowflakes.

  • I cannot pretend to know what you are going through, for I have not walked in your feet.

  • I cannot pretend to know what you see, for the filter you use to understand the outside world is yours, and yours alone.

I can only share my experience

I write from my own personal experiences. Art therapy is just one of the many things I do to help navigate the animalistic subconscious, and the imagination that comes with consciousness in this chaotic world.

My art therapy supplies

If you have a note pad, and a writing utensil, that is all you need to get started.

If you end up enjoying the act of drawing like I have. I have some recommended drawing utensils that have helped me take my drawing to a deeper, more emotional state.

Drawing supplies - ( Affiliate links )

  • Pental pen brush: This paint brush in a pen is amazing for doing meditative drawing. You can see it in action in the art therapy video below.

  • Micron pens: I am obsessed with the micro tips on these Sakura pens. The .003 and .005 are by far my favorite to use, but I have already destroyed 4 of them by pressing hard on them, so if you are just starting out, these may not be the greatest option.

My personal definition of art therapy

For me, art therapy is the act of getting your thoughts, and feelings out of your mind, and into reality.

The human mind’s ability to imagine the best and the worst outcomes are limitless.

Keeping negative fears and thoughts to ourselves causes our subconscious to repress these emotions, stealing energy we desperately needed to function in the outside world.

Getting these negative thoughts out of your head, and onto something physical can help free up the energy being used to suppress those thoughts. This allows you to start using that energy to begin gaining your health back.

My simple drawing meditation technique

Pental pen brush: https://amzn.to/2ExkifY

Micron pens: https://amzn.to/2EvQpMN

6 Art therapy ideas and tips .

I do not know where you are in your journey. If you are triggered by anything and everything, draw something that feels good.

Over time, you can explore the pain at a distance.

If you are at a point where you can push yourself, draw something that hurts.

Recently, I did a drawing that was incredibly painful. When I was done, I looked down realized I had tears on my drawing.

Cleansing by fire

Do not be afraid to destroy any, and all of your drawings.

One of my favorite things to with drawings filled with negative emotions, is burn it.

There is just something about visualizing the release of negative emotion back into the universe to be recycled into something else that I found fun to think about.

Art Therapy idea #1 - Just draw something

Art Therapy   ideas just draw

Art Therapy ideas just draw

  • You do not need to have something to draw.

  • You have feelings and emotions that need to come out, so grab a pen and a piece of paper that start scribbling.

  • In this life, there is very little we actually control.

  • Drawing without looking is a great way to practice the art of not being in control.

Art Therapy idea #2 - Draw your inner world

Art therapy   idea drawing your inner world

Art therapy idea drawing your inner world

Drawing your inner world as a planet, or a universe is a great way to visualize the state of your inner world.

Questions to ask yourself about your inner world.

  • What would that inner world look like right now?

  • What would you want it to look like?

Art Therapy idea #3 - Draw a happy memory

For those of us with a negative inner world, it can be incredibly easy to cast judgment into everything that we do. If you are just getting into drawing, try to draw something from a happy memory. It could be an object, a color, an idea or anything else that makes you feel good.

Art Therapy idea #4 - Draw a bad memory

I have dug plenty of bad memories out of my subconscious.

Getting them on paper can really make you feel lighter if you fully explore how it makes you feel as you are doing it.

Art Therapy idea #6 Draw your inner child

  • Visualize what your inner child looks like.

  • It does not have to be a physical being.

  • It can be a shape.

  • It can be a color.

  • It can be a feeling.

Art Therapy idea #5 - Draw the things you fear

Art therapy ideas scribble fear feelings

When you are in a place where you are able look objectively into the darkness that is your inner yourself, you can pull those fears out of you, and place them on paper.

While you are in there, you need to keep your mind nad heart open from the treasures that are hidden in the darkness.

If you start looking, you will never find what you are looking for.

Art Therapy tip #1 - Line strokes show feeling

Did you know that you can convey feeling through the stroke in your pencil, pen, or brush?

Try doing line strokes while istening to emotional music. You will find that your hands working in ways that you didn’t realize you had inside of you.

I have accidentally scribbled way through sheets of paper on drawings before so if you are looking to keep a drawing, just know that emotions can take over and radiate out of your limbs.

Art Therapy tip #2 - Dot em up

Art Therapy   idea - Pointillism

Art Therapy idea - Pointillism

I really enjoy doing pointillism as art therapy.

It is a great way to avoid focusing on perfect lines.

This method gives you a forgiving method of turning dots into things that look like what you are trying to draw.

For me, it is incredibly satisfying.


Here are a few more of my thoughts on art therapy for mental health. I hope you enjoyed the article, and will share it with anyone you think needs it.

  • Art Therapy is a great way to objectively explore your thoughts and emotions with out being completely exposed to them.

  • A sheet of paper and a writing utensil is all you need to get started.

  • Do your best not to worry about what the drawings look like. You have to make something look ugly before you can make it look pretty.

  • The less you care about what your drawing looks like, the more opportunities for growth you will find. This not give a fuck attitude can help brink pleasure and growth to all aspects of your life if you let it.

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