5 suprising Spirulina health benefits for mental and physical health

I am a Spirulina super fan.   I love using this super food when I break my fast.

Taking this blue green algae after fasting provides high bioavailability nutrients to absorb back into my body fast.  

In this article I will be discussing the following.

  • What is Spirulina

  • Benefits of Spirulina

  • Where to buy Spirulina

  • Pros and Cons of Spirulina

What is Spirulina

I'm going to be talking about the health benefits of spirulina, a super blue green algae with tremendous benefits.

Spirulina is something I use every single day for my mental and physical health.



Great green breakfast shakes.

Micro Ingredients


Great when you don’t like the taste.

Micro Ingredients

Benefits of Spirulina

Spirulina is known as being one of the top superfoods in the world today.  Spirulina has a really unique nutrition profile loaded with chlorophyll which helps alkalize your body.  It's also loaded with B vitamins, vitamin K, and also minerals like zinc and magnesium and so again it's really incredible.  

If you look at that nutritional profile it's one of the highest plant-based sources of protein per gram and has been shown to help detoxify your body of heavy metals.   A recent study found that it detoxifies your body of the of the heavy metal arsenic.  Out of all the heavy metals, we probably get more arsenic in our diet than any other heavy metal due to pesticides especially foods that are sprayed with pesticides in China which have loads and loads of arsenic in them.

#1 - Detoxification of metals & other toxins.

Spirulina helps detoxify your body and can even help with things like dementia and a number of other brain and neurological health issues and so again detoxifying your body is critical Spirulina medically proven to that detoxify your body of arsenic.

#2 - Protection against radiation poisoning

A medical study out of the journal chemosphere actually found that spirulina protects your body against radiation poison we've all heard of the Fukishima accident that sent tons of radiation into the pacific ocean which ultimately ended up in our food supply through seafood.  If you don’ eat seafood, there are plenty of other places to get radiation exposure such as the sun, cellphones and even microwaves.  other you were exposed to radiation from microwave two cell phones two things in our food supply on a regular basis and spirulina has been shown to protect your body against radiation poisoning.

#3 - Fights against cancer and overall health in general

If you're not worried about radiation in the fish from the Pacific Ocean there are other benefits.   Spirulina has been shown to help fight cancer.   Because it is a nutritional powerhouse it's been shown to help lower cholesterol and blood pressure levels fight diabetes there's hardly anything out there a health condition that spirulina does it help with.   

#4 - Spirulina is a natural probiotic that can help fight depression

Spirulina is a living organism that can enhance your own microbiome to help improve digestion and absorbtio. of essential vitamins and minerals.  In my opinion, this can even help improve mood and fight depression.

#5 - Spirulina can help fight brain zaps  

Brain zaps are a symptom of SSRI withdrawal.  If you have never experienced them consider yourself lucky.  They are incredibly uncomfortable.   i am sure you have licked a 9v battery to test to see if it it still good right?  Now imaging your brain licking a 9v battery up to 40 times a minute lasting for weeks, months or at worst a year.

Spirulina can help ease the symptoms thanks to it’s high amounts of Omega 3 fatty acids.

Nutrex Hawaii

Where to buy Spirulina

Remember, the best Spirulina is grown in Hawaii.

Buy local

Spirulina is becoming more and more available locally.    If you want to find Spirulina here is a list of places you should check.

  • Any health food section at your local grocery store.

  • Food Coops

  • Health food stores

  • Nutrition stores

Purchase on eBay


Spriulina pros and cons

spirulina cons

Since we have already went over the many benefits ( pros ) of spirulina, it is time to check out the cons.

Allergic Reactions

As algae, chlorella and spirulina are part of the plant kingdom, so it is possible to have an allergy to either one or both of them. An allergic reaction can manifest as redness, itching, hives, a skin rash and swelling of the face and mouth. It's also possible to suffer a more serious allergic reaction called anaphylaxis if you are highly allergic to chlorella or spirulina. Anaphylaxis is a medical emergency requiring immediate medical attention. Symptoms include wheezing, difficulty breathing and swallowing, confusion, fainting, loss of consciousness and even death in severe cases. Call your physician at the first sign of an allergy to chlorella or spirulina.

Contamination with Toxins

It's essential to buy spirulina, and any other dietary supplements including chlorella, from a reputable manufacturer. If not processed correctly, spirulina can contain a high concentration of toxic substances called microcystins and anatoxin, according to Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center. The maximum safe intake for these toxins have not been determined. These toxins may build up in your system and affect your liver and nervous system, especially if you are taking spirulina for an extended period of time. This is of particular concern for children, as spirulina is sometimes used as an alternative treatment for attention deficit disorder. Spirulina can also be contaminated with heavy metal toxins or with bacteria from animal fertilizer runoff.

Drug Interactions and Precautions

Chlorella and spirulina can interact negatively with certain medications. Because it contains vitamin K, chlorella supplements can interfere with the effectiveness of blood thinner medications. If you have an allergy to iodine, you may also be allergic to chlorella. Because of their immune-stimulating properties, do not take chlorella or spirulina with immune suppressing medications. If you have phenylketonuria, a genetic disorder in which your body cannot metabolize the amino acid phenylalanine, or an autoimmune disease, such as lupus or rheumatoid arthritis, you shouldn't use supplements containing spirulina. The supplements can worsen your symptoms associated with these conditions. Only use these dietary supplements under the supervision of your doctor, particularly if you are pregnant or breastfeeding.

Side Effects

Although most side effects associated with spirulina and chlorella are not particularly harmful, they should still be taken into consideration. Chlorella can cause you to be over-sensitive to sunlight; it can also cause bloating, cramping and diarrhea. Spirulina can also produce some uncomfortable gastrointestinal effects, including diarrhea, nausea, vomiting, as well as insomnia and anxiety. Consult your doctor first if you decide to take these over-the-counter supplements, just to be safe.

SPIRULINA Shelf life

If cared for properly, our Organic Spirulina Powder has a shelf life of two to three years. To preserve the freshness of this product: Avoid exposure to heat. The powder will remain fresh if stored at room temperature or below. 

Collectible starbucks mug list + Where to buy city skyline cheap

Collectible Starbucks mugs | Where to buy skyline, you are here and relief series

What you will find in this Starbucks mug article

  • Where to find starbucks mugs cheap

  • Where to buy Starbucks COLLECTIBLE mugs online

  • The rarest Starbucks mugs

  • Collectible mugs / Starbucks City Mugs list

Where to buy Starbucks skyline relief city mugs

Where to buy Starbucks mugs locally

Garage sales, thrift stores, and flea markets

If you are looking to purchase Starbucks mugs on the cheap then your best bet is going to be garage sales, thrift stores and flea markets where the sellers do not know the value of these great mugs. I have found many of these great mugs for less than $1.00.

where to buy starbucks mugs online

Facebook marketplace

Facebook marketplace may or may not have Starbucks mugs, but it is always worth a look. You are not going to get the low prices that you can from a garage sale or a thrift store, but you should still be able to find them. A quick look on my local marketplace showed a few mugs for sale at cheaper than online prices.

Starbucks ( Of course )

The normal way to get your hands on these great mugs is to purchase them at Starbucks. The only draw back is that as I am sure you already know you can only get specific mugs in specific areas so if you have a road trip in your future, make sure you stop at a Starbucks in each state. If you are looking for discontinued or rare mugs then you will have to go online.

Buying starbucks mugs online

Counterfeit starbucks mugs

As these collectible mugs become more and more valuable you may have to watch out for counterfeit Starbucks mugs. I am not saying I have heard of any, but rest assured if there is a market with valuable items, eventually there will be counterfeits so I would recommend buying sooner rather than later.

purchasing starbucks mugs on eBay

Starbucks relief mugs currently selling online

Starbucks city skyline mugs currently selling online

Starbucks global icon mugs currently selling online

starbucks mugs currently selling on Amazon

If you are looking for online to possibly find some cheap deals on Starbucks mugs don’t forget to check out Mercari.

Mercari started in Japan, and was strictly a smart phone market place hundreds of thousands of items and a very active community of buyers and sellers, but now you can even purchase from your desktop. Prices are rising now that it is established in the USA but there still may be deals to be found since it is harder to price items due to the inability to search sold prices.

some of The rarest Starbucks mugs

starbucks fire king mugs

Starbucks Fire King mugs online

starbucks prototypes

Starbucks prototype mugs - check ebay

starbucks error mugs

Starbucks error mugs - Check ebay


Starbucks mugs discontinued list

starbucks mugs discontinued in the united states

08 Global icon series


Starbucks mugs discontinued in Canada

Collectible Mugs/Starbucks City Mugs list

According to Wiki books

City, State, and Country Mugs

94 Collectors Series: The first edition of Starbucks City mugs, available with motifs from all over the world.

94 Collectors Series Mini Mugs: Demitasse/Espresso size mugs

97 States of Bean Mugs: Colorful motifs from several U.S. states.

98/99 Collage Series: Colored Photos with typical images from over 30 American cities and 4 states.

02 Skyline Series: Display city skylines, typically blue on white.

02 Skyline Mini Series: Demitasse/espresso size. Display city skylines, typically blue on white.

02 Skyline Series Giant Mugs Released in a very limited edition to only the highest volume stores and display city skylines similar to the 20 oz counterparts. 'The Skyline Giants' have a 2.5-gallon capacity.

02 USA Scenic Series Often considered a limited edition, 4-mug extension of the Skyline Series. Displays the American Flag, Mount Rushmore, Statue of Liberty and Iwo Jima Memorial.

02 Italian Romance Series: Same style as 94 Collectors Series, sold in US as tribute to Italian coffee culture.

04 City Scenes: Black-and-white pictures with landmarks from several cities in the United States and Canada.

04 Art Deco Style: Similar to the '04 City Scenes, these mugs feature an art deco style and were only released in four U.S. cities.

05 Photo Series: Unique style motifs from the United Kingdom and Ireland.

06 US/Canada Architecture Series: City skylines, purple/blue on white, with city facts on the backside of the mug.

06 US/Canada Architecture Mini Series

'07 Park Series: These mugs feature motifs from several city parks and national parks in the United States and Canada.

08 Icon Series: These mugs are replacing the original City Mugs all over the World. Started in June 2008 in China (for the Olympic Games), now also spread to other countries all over the world.

08 Icon Mini Series: Same as the Icon Series, but smaller (3oz). Not all cities who do have an Icon Mug also have a Mini Mug.

13 You Are Here Series: The newest serie of mugs. In Canada and in the USA these mugs are replacing the 08 Icon Series.

18 Been there Series: In Canada and in the USA these mugs are replacing the 13 YAH Series since June 2018.

Non City Mugs

Japan Series: A series of colorful mugs from several Japanese cities as well as one "Japan Country Mug" per year since 2002.

Asian Artsy Design Mugs: These mugs have intricate designs mainly from Japan, China, Taiwan, South Korea, Thailand, Indonesia, and the Philippines.

Coffee Origin Mugs: Dedicated to the countries and regions where Starbucks buys coffee beans, including places such as Guatemala and Sulawesi.

Coffee Blend Mugs: Dedicated to various popular coffee blends such as Caffe Verona.

Christmas Mugs: This would be all Christmas/ Hannukah/ Kwanza mugs.

Miscellaneous Holiday Mugs: All other holiday mugs (Easter, Valentine's, Thanksgiving, etc.)

Holiday Ornaments: All of the miniature ornaments that include tiny mugs (not to be confused with the demitasse)

Starbucks Anniversary Mugs: Released to celebrate the inauguration of Starbucks in a country/ city.

Miscellaneous Mini Mugs: Smaller versions of some regular-sized mugs, and a typical size for a single espresso.

Tasting Cups: Two ounce cups that don't have handles

Other Mugs


Icon Tumblers

Other City Tumblers

Non City Tumblers




  • Brisbane Green Christmas

  • Melbourne Green Christmas

  • Sydney Green Christmas


  • Brunei

CHINA: (25)

  • Beijing Blue

  • Beijing Gold Christmas

  • Beijing Green Christmas

  • Changsha Blue

  • Chengdu Blue

  • Chengdu Gold Christmas

  • Chengdu Green Christmas

  • Chongqing Blue

  • Dongguan Blue

  • Guangzhou Blue

  • Guangzhou Gold Christmas

  • Guangzhou Green Christmas

  • Hangzhou Blue

  • Kunming Blue

  • Nanjing Blue

  • Nanning Blue

  • Ningbo Blue

  • Qingdao Blue

  • Shanghai Blue 1

  • Shanghai Blue 2

  • Shanghai Gold Christmas

  • Shanghai Red Christmas

  • Shanghai Green Christmas

  • Shenzhen Blue

  • Shenzhen Green Christmas

  • Suzhou Blue

  • Tianjin Blue

  • Wuhan Blue

  • Xi'an Blue

  • Xiamen Blue


  • Prague

  • Prague Gold Christmas

  • Prague Green Christmas


  • London

  • London Red Christmas

  • London Gold Christmas

  • London Green Christmas


  • Paris

  • Paris Red Christmas

  • Paris Gold Christmas

  • Paris Green Christmas


  • Berlin

  • Berlin Red Christmas

  • Berlin Gold Christmas

  • Berlin Green Christmas


  • Hong Kong

  • Hong Kong Red Christmas

  • Hong Kong Gold Christmas

  • Hong Kong Green Christmas

MACAU: (2)

  • Macau

  • Macau Green Christmas


  • Johor

  • Kedah

  • Kuala Lumpur

  • Kuala Lumpur Gold Christmas

  • Kuala Lumpur Green Christmas

  • Malacca

  • Pahang

  • Penang

  • Perak

  • Sabah

  • Sarawak

  • Selangor


  • Amsterdam

  • Amsterdam Gold Christmas

  • Amsterdam Green Christmas


  • Auckland

  • Wellington


  • Boracay

  • Cebu

  • Manila

  • Manila Green Christmas


  • Moscow

  • Moscow Gold Christmas

  • Moscow Green Christmas

  • St. Petersburg


  • Singapore

  • Singapore Gold Christmas

  • Singapore Green Christmas


  • Busan

  • Busan Gold Christmas

  • Gyeongju

  • Jeju

  • Jeju Gold Christmas

  • Seoul

  • Seoul Red Christmas

  • Seoul Gold Christmas


  • Zurich Green Christmas

TAIWAN: (21)

  • Hsinchu

  • Hsinchu Gold Christmas

  • Hsinchu Green Christmas

  • Kaohsiung

  • Kaohsiung Gold Christmas

  • Kaohsiung Green Christmas

  • Taichung

  • Taichung Gold Christmas

  • Taichung Green Christmas

  • Tainan

  • Tainan Gold Christmas

  • Tainan Green Christmas

  • Taipei

  • Taipei Red Christmas

  • Taipei Gold Christmas

  • Taipei Green Christmas

  • Taiwan

  • Taiwan Red Christmas

  • Taiwan Green Christmas

  • Taoyuan

  • Taoyuan Green Christmas


  • Bangkok

  • Bangkok Green Christmas

  • Phuket


  • Boston

  • Los Angeles

  • New York 1

  • New York 2

  • San Francisco

  • Seattle






Countries & Cities Starbucks Mug Series

No. of New '08 Global Icon series: 433


  • New '08 Global Icon Series (3x)

    • Argentina

    • Buenos Aires

    • Rosario


  • New '08 Global Icon Series (1x)

    • Aruba


  • New '08 Global Icon Series (5x)

    • Australia

    • Brisbane

    • Gold Coast

    • Melbourne

    • Sydney

  • You Are Here Series (5x)

    • Australia

    • Brisbane

    • Gold Coast

    • Melbourne

    • Sydney


  • New '08 Global Icon Series (3x)

    • Austria

    • Salzburg

    • Vienna (DISCONTINUED)

  • You Are Here Series (3x)

    • Austria

    • Salzburg

    • Vienna


  • New '08 Global Icon Series (1x)

    • Baku


  • New '08 Global Icon Series (1x)

    • Bahamas


  • New '08 Global Icon Series (2x)

    • Bahrain -Pearl Monument (DISCONTINUED)

    • Bahrain -Dhow


  • New '08 Global Icon Series (8x)

    • Antwerp

    • Belgium

    • Brugge

    • Brussels

    • Gent

    • Leuven

    • Liège

    • Namur

  • You Are Here Series (2x)

    • Belgium

    • Brussels


  • New '08 Global Icon Series (1x)

    • Bolivia


  • New '08 Global Icon Series (3x)

    • Brasil

    • Rio de Janeiro



  • New '08 Global Icon Series (1x)

    • Brunei


  • New '08 Global Icon Series (2x)

    • Bulgaria

    • Sofia


  • New '08 Global Icon Series (1x)

    • Cambodia

  • You Are Here Series (3x + 2 small)

    • Cambodia

    • Phnom Penh

    • Phnom Penh small

    • Siem Reap

    • Siem Reap small


  • New '08 Global Icon Series (11x)

    • Banff (DISCONTINUED)

    • Calgary (DISCONTINUED)

    • Canada (DISCONTINUED)

    • Edmonton (DISCONTINUED)

    • Montréal (DISCONTINUED)

    • Niagara Falls (DISCONTINUED)

    • Quebec (DISCONTINUED)

    • Toronto (DISCONTINUED)

    • Vancouver (DISCONTINUED)

    • Vancouver Island (DISCONTINUED)

    • Whistler (DISCONTINUED)

  • You Are Here Series (14x)

    • Banff

    • Calgary

    • Canada (1)

    • Canada (2)

    • Edmonton

    • Montréal (1)

    • Montréal (2)

    • Niagara Falls

    • Quebec (1)

    • Quebec (2)

    • Toronto

    • Vancouver

    • Vancouver Island

    • Whistler


  • New '08 Global Icon Series (2x)

    • Chile I- Rapa Nui(DISCONTINUED)

    • Chile II-


  • New '08 Global Icon Series (59x)

    • Baotou

    • Beijing

    • Changchun

    • Changsha

    • Chengdu

    • China

    • Chongqing

    • Dalian

    • Dali City

    • Dongguan

    • Foshan

    • Fuzhou

    • Guangzhou

    • Guilin

    • Guiyang

    • Haikou

    • Hangzhou

    • Harbin

    • Hefei

    • Hohhot

    • HongKong

    • Huizhou

    • Jilin

    • Jinan

    • Kunming

    • Lanzhou

    • Leshan

    • Lijiang

    • Liuzhou

    • Luoyang

    • Macau

    • Mianyang

    • Nanjing

    • Nanchang

    • Nanning

    • Ningbo

    • Qingdao

    • Qinhuangdao

    • Quanzhou

    • Sanya

    • Shanghai

    • Shantou

    • Shenyang

    • Shenzhen

    • Shijiazhuang

    • Suzhou

    • Taiyuan

    • Tianjin

    • Wuhan

    • Wuhu

    • Xi'an

    • Xiamen

    • Xiangyang

    • Xining

    • Yichang

    • Yinchuan

    • Zhengzhou

    • Zhongshan

    • Zhuhai

  • You Are Here Series (25x + 2 small)

    • Beijing

    • Changsha

    • Chengdu

    • Chongqing

    • Dalian

    • Guangzhou

    • Hangzhou

    • Harbin

    • Hong Kong

    • Hong Kong (small version)

    • Jinan

    • Kunming

    • Macau

    • Macau (small version)

    • Nanjing

    • Nanning

    • Ningbo

    • Sanya

    • Shanghai

    • Shenyang

    • Shenzhen

    • Suzhou

    • Tsingtao

    • Wuhan

    • Wuxi

    • Xiamen

    • Xi'an


  • New '08 Global Icon Series (1x)

    • Colombia


  • New '08 Global Icon Series (1x)

    • Costa Rica

CROATIA (No Starbucks, but 2 Prototype mugs exist)

  • New '08 Global Icon Series (1x)

    • Zagreb


  • New '08 Global Icon Series (1x)

    • Curaçao


  • New '08 Global Icon Series (1x)

    • Cyprus

  • You Are Here Series (1x)

    • Cyprus


  • New '08 Global Icon Series (4x)

    • Brno

    • Czech Republic

    • Ostrava

    • Prague

  • You Are Here Series (3x+1x small)

    • Czech Republic

    • Prague (1 Red) (2016.09)

    • Prague (2 Blue) (2018.01)

    • Prague (small version)


  • New '08 Global Icon Series (3x)

    • Aarhus

    • Copenhagen

    • Denmark

  • You Are Here Series (2x)

    • Copenhagen

    • Denmark


  • New '08 Global Icon Series (1x)

    • El Salvador


  • New '08 Global Icon Series (3x)

    • Egypt

    • Cairo

    • Sharm El Sheikh (DISCONTINUED)


  • New '08 Global Icon Series (9x)

    • Cambridge

    • London I -Big Ben and Tower Bridge (DISCONTINUED)

    • London II-Double Decker Bus

    • England I-Coat of Arms Seal (DISCONTINUED)

    • England II-William Shakespeare (DISCONTINUED)

    • England III-Stonehenge

    • Liverpool

    • Manchester

    • Oxford

  • You Are Here Series (7x)

    • England

    • Birmingham

    • London

    • Newcastle Upon Tyne

    • Oxford

    • Manchester

    • Liverpool


  • New '08 Global Icon Series (2x)

    • Finland

    • Helsinki

  • You Are Here Series (2x)

    • Finland

    • Helsinki


  • New '08 Global Icon Series (8x)

    • Bordeaux

    • France

    • Lille

    • Lyon

    • Nice

    • Marseille

    • Paris I-Tour Eiffel (DISCONTINUED)

    • Paris II-Arc de Triomphe (DISCONTINUED)

  • You Are Here Series (9x+1x small)

    • Bordeaux

    • Cannes

    • France

    • Lyon

    • Marseille

    • Nantes

    • Paris

    • Paris Ornament (small)

    • Strasbourg

    • Toulouse


  • New '08 Global Icon Series (40x)

    • Aachen

    • Berlin -Baer I (DISCONTINUED)

    • Berlin -Baer II

    • Bielefeld

    • Bonn

    • Braunschweig

    • Bremen

    • Darmstadt

    • Dresden

    • Düsseldorf

    • Frankfurt (am Main)

    • Freiburg

    • Germany I-Brandenburg Gate

    • Germany II-Neuschwanstein Castle

    • Hamburg

    • Hannover

    • Heidelberg

    • Karlsruhe

    • Karneval I (2015 DISCONTINUED)

    • Karneval II (2016)

    • Kassel

    • Kiel

    • Köln

    • Leipzig

    • Mainz

    • Mannheim

    • München

    • Münster

    • Nürnberg

    • Oktoberfest I-Pretzel (2011 DISCONTINUED)

    • Oktoberfest II-Gingerbread heart (2014 DISCONTINUED)

    • Oktoberfest III-Dirndl and Lederhosen (2015 DISCONTINUED)

    • Oktoberfest IV- Giant Wheel & Krinoline (2016 DISCONTINUED)

    • Oktoberfest V- (2017)

    • Osnabrück

    • Potsdam

    • Ruhrgebiet

    • Saarbrücken

    • Spangdahlem

    • Stuttgart

    • Wiesbaden

  • You Are Here Series (13x+1x small)

    • Berlin

    • Berlin Ornament (small)

    • Dresden

    • Düsseldorf

    • Frankfurt

    • Germany

    • Hamburg

    • Heidelberg

    • Köln

    • Leipzig

    • München

    • Nürnberg

    • Ramstein

    • Stuttgart


  • New '08 Global Icon Series (7x)

    • Athens

    • Corfu (DISCONTINUED)

    • Crete

    • Greece

    • Mykonos

    • Rhodes

    • Thessaloniki

  • You Are Here Series (3x)

    • Athens

    • Greece

    • Mykonos


  • New '08 Global Icon Series (1x)

    • Antigua

    • Guatemala


  • New '08 Global Icon Series (2x)

    • Hungary

    • Budapest

  • You Are Here Series (2x)

    • Budapest (1 Yellow) (2016.11)

    • Budapest (2 Blue) (2018.01)


  • New '08 Global Icon Series (3x)

    • Bali

    • Indonesia

    • Jakarta


  • New '08 Global Icon Series (1x)

    • India

  • You Are Here Series (2x)

    • Mumbai

    • New Delhi


  • New '08 Global Icon Series (2x)

    • Ireland

    • Dublin


  • New '08 Global Icon Series (3x)

    • Osaka (DISCONTINUED)

    • Sapporo (DISCONTINUED)

    • Tokyo (DISCONTINUED)

  • You Are Here Series (1x)

    • Japan


  • New '08 Global Icon Series (1x)

    • Jordan


  • New '08 Global Icon Series (1x)

    • Kazakhstan

  • You Are Here Series (1x)

    • Astana


  • New '08 Global Icon Series (1x)

    • Kuwait

  • You Are Here Series (1x)

    • Kuwait


  • New '08 Global Icon Series (1x)

    • Lebanon

  • You Are Here Series (1x)

    • Lebanon


  • New '08 Global Icon Series (1x)

    • Luxembourg


  • New '08 Global Icon Series (6x)

    • Kuala Lumpur I (DISCONTINUED)

    • Kuala Lumpur II

    • Malaysia I (DISCONTINUED)

    • Malaysia II

    • Penang (DISCONTINUED)

    • Sabah (DISCONTINUED)

  • You Are Here Series (1x)

    • Cameron Highlands

    • Kuching


  • New '08 Global Icon Series (30x)

    • Acapulco

    • Cancun I -Playa Caracol (DISCONTINUED)

    • Cancun II

    • Chihuahua -Angel de la Libertad (DISCONTINUED)

    • Ciudad de Mexico

    • Cozumel

    • Culiacán -Torre del Reloj (DISCONTINUED)

    • Guadalajara -Minerva Statue (DISCONTINUED)

    • Guadalajara II

    • Guanajuato I -Teatro Juarez (DISCONTINUED)

    • Guanajuato II

    • Ensenada -Grey Whale's Tail

    • Leon

    • Los Cabos I (yellow) (DISCONTINUED)

    • Los Cabos II

    • Mérida

    • Mexico

    • Monterrey -Fountain of Life (DISCONTINUED)

    • Monterrey

    • Morelia

    • Playa del Carmen

    • Puebla

    • Puerto Vallarta I -Malecon Seahorse (DISCONTINUED)

    • Puerto Vallarta II

    • Querétaro

    • San Miguel de Allende

    • Tulum

    • Veracruz

    • Villahermosa

    • Zacatecas -El Cubo Aqueduct (DISCONTINUED)


  • New '08 Global Icon Series (1x)

    • Monaco


  • New '08 Global Icon Series (1x)

    • Morocco

  • You Are Here Series (2x)

    • Casablanca

    • Marrakech


  • New '08 Global Icon Series (12x)

    • Amsterdam I-Brouwersgracht (DISCONTINUED)

    • Amsterdam II-Rijksmuseum

    • Arnhem

    • Hilversum

    • Netherlands

    • Nijmegen I (DISCONTINUED)

    • Nijmegen II (correct bridge)

    • Den Haag

    • Utrecht

    • Leiden

    • Groningen

    • Rotterdam

  • You Are Here Series (6x)

    • Amsterdam

    • Den Haag

    • Netherlands

    • Roermond

    • Rotterdam

    • Utrecht


  • New '08 Global Icon Series (5x)

    • New Zealand

    • Auckland

    • North Island (no longer available since Dec.2010 // only as mini)

    • South Island (no longer available since Dec.2010 // only as mini)

    • Wellington

  • You Are Here Series (1x)

    • Queenstown


  • New '08 Global Icon Series (2x)

    • Belfast

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Starbucks relief mug master list

Australia Australia

  1. Australia Australia Green

  2. Australia Brisbane

  3. Australia Brisbane Green

  4. Australia Brisbane Green II

  5. Australia Gold Coast

  6. Australia Gold Coast Green

  7. Australia Melbourne

  8. Australia Melbourne Green

  9. Australia Melbourne Green II

  10. Australia Sydney

  11. Australia Sydney Green

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  13. Brunei Brunei

  14. China Beijing

  15. China Beijing Gold

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  17. China Beijing Silver

  18. China Changchun

  19. China Changsa

  20. China Changzhou

  21. China Chengdu

  22. China Chengdu Gold

  23. China Chengdu Green

  24. China Chengdu Silver

  25. China Chongqing

  26. China Dalian

  27. China Dongguan

  28. China Foshan

  29. China Fozhou

  30. China Guangzhou

  31. China Guangzhou Gold

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  33. China Guangzhou Silver

  34. China Hangzhou

  35. China Hangzhou Silver

  36. China Harbin

  37. China Hong Kong

  38. China Hong Kong Gold

  39. China Hong Kong Green

  40. China Hong Kong Red

  41. China Hong Kong Silver

  42. China Kunming

  43. China Lijiang

  44. China Macau

  45. China Macau Green

  46. China Macau Silver

  47. China Nanjing

  48. China Nanjing Silver

  49. China Nanning

  50. China Ningbo

  51. China Qingdao

  52. China Shanghai Gold

  53. China Shanghai Green

  54. China Shanghai I

  55. China Shanghai II

  56. China Shanghai Red

  57. China Shanghai Silver

  58. China Shenyang

  59. China Shenzhen

  60. China Shenzhen Green

  61. China Suzhou

  62. China Taiyuan

  63. China Tianjin

  64. China Wuhan

  65. China Wuxi

  66. China Xiamen

  67. China Xian

  68. China Yangzhou

  69. Czech Republic Prague

  70. Czech Republic Prague Gold

  71. Czech Republic Prague Green

  72. England London

  73. England London Gold

  74. England London Green

  75. England London Red

  76. France Paris

  77. France Paris Gold

  78. France Paris Green

  79. France Paris Red

  80. Germany Berlin

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  83. Germany Berlin Red

  84. Malaysia Johor

  85. Malaysia Kedah

  86. Malaysia Kuala Lumpur

  87. Malaysia Kuala Lumpur Gold

  88. Malaysia Kuala Lumpur Green

  89. Malaysia Kuala Lumpur Red

  90. Malaysia Kuala Lumpur Silver

  91. Malaysia Malacca

  92. Malaysia Pahang

  93. Malaysia Penang

  94. Malaysia Perak

  95. Malaysia Sabah

  96. Malaysia Sarawak

  97. Malaysia Selangor

  98. Netherlands Amsterdam

  99. Netherlands Amsterdam Gold

  100. Netherlands Amsterdam Green

  101. New Zealand Auckland

  102. New Zealand Wellington

  103. Philippines Boracay

  104. Philippines Cebu

  105. Philippines Cebu Silver

  106. Philippines Manila

  107. Philippines Manila Green

  108. Philippines Manila Silver

  109. Russia Moscow

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  111. Russia Moscow Green

  112. Russia St. Petersburg

  113. Singapore Singapore

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  118. South Korea Busan

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  127. Taiwan Hsinchu

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  130. Taiwan Kaohsiung

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  133. Taiwan Taichung

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  136. Taiwan Tainan

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  139. Taiwan Taipei

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  141. Taiwan Taipei Green

  142. Taiwan Taipei Red

  143. Taiwan Taipei Silver

  144. Taiwan Taiwan

  145. Taiwan Taiwan Green

  146. Taiwan Taiwan Red

  147. Taiwan Taiwan Silver

  148. Taiwan Taoyuan

  149. Taiwan Taoyuan Green

  150. Thailand Bangkok

  151. Thailand Bangkok Blue

  152. Thailand Bangkok Green

  153. Thailand Bangkok Silver

  154. Thailand Phuket

  155. Turkey Istanbul

  156. USA Boston

  157. USA Los Angeles

  158. USA New York I

  159. USA New York II

  160. USA San Francisco

  161. USA Seattle

  162. Vietnam Vietnam

Fighting with partner, mentally checking out and living in my van.

So it’s been quite a while since I posted anything on my blog.

My apologies, I have been traveling, exploring, and fighting with my partner which you will learn more about below.

I currently do not have access to a computer so I am unable to format my post as I normally would.

What you will find in this post

  • Fasting
  • Therapy sessions
  • Fighting with my partner
  • Checking out
  • Coming back to reality
  • Living in my van
  • Starting to feel normal again
  • Comment section


While doing all this I have been following my fasting protocol and am very pleased to report that things are going well.  


I have had 2 therapy sessions since my last post both of which were talk therapy sessions. Talk therapy is like a breath of fresh air compared to EMDR.

Fighting with my partner

in other news my partner and I have been at each other‘s throats ever since I got back from my road trip.

Checking out

I had a depression relapse if you can even call it that.  More like a mental checked out for a few days where I, a vegan, trying to be healthy dqecided to pull out my old weapons of choice when it comes to self harm.

I went to McDonald’s and gorged myself on McChicken sandwiches and cheeseburgers until I was sick.  

After that I’m pretty sure I was basically in a food coma for the next day or so as I was completely ignoring my partner as well as all of my responsibilities.

Back in my worst times this would have been going on for weeks or even months which is pretty much how I got up to my highest weight ever.


Mentally checking out is such an easy thing for me to do and for the longest time I had no idea I was even doing it. After breaking my out of my old habit I realized that even with my fasting, therapy and everything else.  I have an incredibly long road head of me.

Coming back to reality

When I finally came to it was pretty much a week later. My partner was talking about things I had done  and said that I don’t remember whatsoever which is difficult for me as well as my partner.

We have been at the point of talking about divorce which neither of us want, but both can agree that all signs saying that we shouldn’t be together.

With me out of my check out mode, my nothingness was replaced with tremendous amounts of annoyance, irritation, and anger at the presence of my partner.

Living in my van

I felt like I needed a reset.  I needed to take a step back from all of the anger and irritation I have been feeling so I decided that I would go live in my van parked at our new house.  

I guess I was hoping that getting some distance would help with some of these undeserved emotions.

Of course I did not communicate any of this to my spouse in any way shape or form so she was left in the dark for a few days. I did communicate that I didn’t know what I was doing but that’s about it.

On the positive side I did not do what I normally would have done which is head for the hills.

I chose to stay at the greenhouse so I could think about stuff and work to get the house ready even if it means that I am not living in it.

Making myself uncomfortable in the van

My van was filled with stuff from my trip still on the day that I was supposed to be out of the house. I did this intentionally to make myself uncomfortable possibly as a punishment for not being able to communicate and ending up in the situation to begin with.

After a couple days of being surrounded, blocked, poked, and prodded by various hard objects of the furniture/household type I decided to turn the van into it livable space again.  I needed to get some comfort and good rest.

Starting to feel normal again. 

I have started to make a conscious effort to speak to my partner and let her know what my thoughts are. I know I need to do this more, a lot more but I find it incredibly difficult.  It almost feels like it so unnatural.

Keeping busy. 

Since I have not been at the house I have much more free time I have been doing some acrylic fluid painting which I have really been enjoying even though it is incredibly messy and difficult when you don’t have a dedicated space.

 One of my first fluid acrylic paintings. 

One of my first fluid acrylic paintings. 

It is been incredibly fun so I will be adding an acrylic fluid painting section in my creative art gallery whenever I get back to a computer.

Today is the first day that I am feeling more able to put down my thoughts, strike out a little bit to take take a walk and get some sun.

Even while all the stuff is going on I have been able to go to the Pittsburgh Glass Center and volunteer which is way better than I’ve ever been able to do.

I am in the process of scheduling couples counseling with the hopes of being able to work things out.

I know if I can get through my issues at there is A very good chance of having happy relationship with my partner.

I don’t think it’s a coincidence that on day two of my fast I am all of a sudden magically motivated to do this article.

I have been wanting to do another post, any post for a while now.  I just have not had any motivation especially with everything going on.

Comment section

Personal EMDR story #4 | Battling PTSD and depression

EMDR therapy creative art therapy drawing

My personal emdr story #4

In my 4th EMDR session series you will find: 

  • Feeling pretty good going into therapy
  • Recapping in between sssions
  • EMDR session
  • A painful memory
  • OMG pets are haunting me
  • Finally a positive EMDR memory
  • Complete whiteout
  • Final thoughts

Feeling pretty good going into therapy

For a change, this EMDR therapy session started out with me feeling pretty well. My intermittent fasting has been keeping my mood elevated and my communication skills seem to be on point.

Recapping in between sessions

I had a week long gap therapy between my last therapy session so we had a brief recap of things that happened in between sessions.   I told her about my four day fast and how I’m currently doing intermittent fasting and feeling much better. She commented about me looking and acting brighter which I attributed to the fasting.

EMDR Session

We started started the EMDR session off just like every other EMDR sessions so far with my phone memory.   After a few rounds of finger tracking I had a memory floated into my vision.  I was a child pushing my guinea pig around in a red Barbie Corvette.   There were no feelings attached to this and I thought it was an odd thing to be remembering, but having gone through enough EMDR now I knew the odd memory would be dragging something else with it.

A painful memory

When I spoke the memory out loud, it felt as ridiculous as when it popped into my head which made my therapist laugh.  The next round of finger tracking linked guinea pig in the red corvette to all of my past pets.  This pulled placed a painful memory in front of me. 



I had a pet tarantula and I let starve to death.   The memory of him laying there wilted and the realization that it was because of me was almost like reliving it all over again.   It was so vivid, almost like a flashback.  On the next iteration of finger tracking an almost sickening realization hit me.   

When I was little I didn’t have any friends other  than my pets and I had let my only friend starve to death.   

It seems that I have let most of my friendships wither and die off much like my tarantula.  

Finally a positive emdr memory

The story behind the memory

The story starts in winter at the local gas station in my hometown.   I was visiting my AIR QUOTES girlfriend at the time and I assume I was just hanging BSing in the gas station..   The forecast called for a severe blizzard, one of the storms where you could just sense that it was going to be bad.

Prior to the blizzard there had not been  much snow on the ground, but once it hit it was a complete white out.


An elderly woman came in to the store and walked right up to me asking if I could help her get to a neighboring town about 8 miles south of there.  

I had forgotten this memory up until my EMDR session.  Her piercing blue terrified eyes came into my memory, begging me to help her get to her husband.

 She certainly chose the right person because I love driving around in crazy weather so I hopped in my 1985 Grand Prix and slowly blazed a trail down the highway for her. 


It was a complete white out.   The 8 mile drive which should’ve taken about 10 minutes took about 45 driving about 5 miles an hour down the middle of the road.  We didn't see a single other car the whole way.  We made it the local gas station in the neighboring town where her husband was going to meet her.   I was getting ready to leave when she came up to my car with some cash to give me.  

I told her that I wasn't interested in the money, but she firmly insisted so I took it.

After telling my therapist the story she asked how it made me feel.  ( Of course )  I told her it made me feel good, and that I enjoyed helping others when I can.  

thoughts After the therapy session

  • I need to the pain of these memories as a learning lessons.  
  • Ignoring the pain means that I will never heal and never grow.
  • I am grateful for the courage to face these painful memories so they can be set free and leave me the f@ck alone.
  • I have realized that I have had a horrible track record with animals in my childhood, but I am proud to admit that this is no longer the case.