Pretending to hate animals since 2010

Here will find stories about our pets, fosters, and other wildlife that have scurried across our path.

Pets and wildlife

Animals play a huge part in my life.   I have seen the horrors of war and have pretty much turned into a hippie tree hugger.   Something these wonderful loving creatures will hopefully never have to experience.   They are amazing creatures that help fight depression and anxiety just by being with you.   They are social creatures that

Creative stories about our animals

Cat videos

In this DIY feral outdoor cat shelter set up for winter + Jackson Galaxy feral flower review video I show some of our DIY cat enclosures that we have on our property and do a quick review of the Jackson Galaxy Feral flower formula.
Check out my blog at Meet Frannie my bi polar foster cat who loves to be brushed, and sleep in my hammock with me. She is a crazy cat, but with a cool personality that is sure to keep you on your toes.
check out my PTSD and depression blog at In this video I am just hanging out with my yard cat meanie being present in the moment and enjoying the little things that are happening right now. I am working on our new house, but thought I would take a break to hang out with him.

Our pittsburgh crew